n.1.(Bot.) A kind of grass, perhaps a species of Agrostis.
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The new OPTIMA YELLOWTOP with PUREFLOW TECHNOLOGY is claimed to feature a completely new DIN-specific design.
Hill then dressed Naomi in blue denim dungarees and a pink and yellowtop beforeputting her in the family Renault Megane along with her handbag and a bottle of wine.
Optima's YellowTop batteries provide not only a higher level of electrical output, but also a stable voltage supply for the increasing list of electrical and electronic systems in modern vehicles.
The new Group 75/25 and 35 batteries complete an already extensive line of Optima batteries including the Group 51, Group 34 and Group 31 YellowTop models.
The new Group 75/25 and Group 35 YellowTop batteries are available now at retailers nationwide.
Yellowtop, Butterweed; Meadow north of fen; Rare but locally common; C = 0; BSUH 14806.