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a.1.Resembling, or suitable to, a yeoman; yeomanly.
References in classic literature ?
One by one the archers, stepping forward, delivered their shafts yeomanlike and bravely.
His self-effacing dedication to public service shines through in the three volumes of Art in Theory, compendious but deftly edited anthologies that he and his collaborators, Paul Wood and later Jason Gaiger, compiled during the 1990s in a yeomanlike and under-rewarded effort to bring the intellectual adventure of art practice in the West before any interested reader.
php), a yeomanlike attempt to archive the entire World Wide Web.
Kaufman's ``Taxi'' co-stars are on hand for some pretty creepy scenes (Kaufman looks the same; everyone else - despite valiant makeup work - is 20 years older) and Danny DeVito steps out of character for some yeomanlike work as Kaufman's manager.
More than just being the first to break through whatever barrier, Wilkins' repeated yeomanlike efforts provided a blueprint for everyone who came after him," says Christophe.
Victor Arkin, chief of the local office of the licensing agency, and his staff should be commended for the yeomanlike manner in which they pitched in to effect the transfers of patients, with their medical records, medications and belongings, into the wee hours of the night.