v. i.1.See 3d Yearn.
a.1.Eager; brisk; quick; active.
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nt yern mpions Rafael was sent off against Bayern Munich in the Champions League quarter-final second leg at Old Trafford in 2010, with 10-man United eventually going out.
With the Bundesliga title race still in the balance - KEY STAT yern Munich have scored in their last 14 away games
Yern he biheld hir, & sche him eke, Ac noither to other a word no speke, For messais that sche on him seize, That had ben so riche & so heighe.
NICK stayed at the four-star Can Joan Yern villa in the countryside near the hip Santa Eulalia resort.
With Munoz's help, three Coral Park Senior High students - Alfredo Veloso, Vanessa Zamora, and Yamile Yern - translated the fire prevention brochure and home safety checklist into Spanish and also taught the seniors some very important life-saving tips.
hurricane model already contained hundreds of scenarios with higher losses," said YErn Tatge, managing director of AIR Worldwide GmbH.