Yes, I'd love to

Yes, I'd love to   
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Make it a female -- to me, it's a no--brainer -- and, yes, I'd love to do it.
If I was ever asked to be captain then yes, I'd love to be a captain of a Ryder Cup team.
Yes, I'd love to and I will at some point do a degree - probably an Open University course on Psychology, maybe English Literature, although I haven't got time at the moment.
And, yes, I'd love to be in the STAGE LEGEND: Derek Jacobi next Bond movie," he says.
Because yes, I'd love to have a good result in front of the home crowd.
Yes, I'D love to do it all again and I already have a list of people I want to ask.
Yes, I'd love to but I don't see myself as that sort of material as I won't ever be a size six and I have a mole in the middle of my nose.
Manheim: Yes, I'd love to see media literacy classes, to bring in a range of products and show kids how they're being duped every day.
But if it was possible and the clubs worked something out then yes, I'd love to stay.
I can't imagine she'll be thinking of it now but if she was then, yes, I'd love to make it," said Collette.