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n.1.Same as Izedi.
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Additionally, Carter failed to grasp the optics of the situation through Iranian eyes - he declined a suggestion from Deputy Prime Minister Ebrahim Yezdi that he allow Iranian physicians to examine the shah, which could have mitigated the popular suspicion that the shah's arrival in New York on October 22 signalled an American conspiracy to return him to power.
As CEO, Yezdi Chinoy will further develop and strengthen our business in Asia.
Ask a kid today what a Yezdi or a Rajdoot is, and she would have no idea that they come from the same family that is now populated by the banal- looking Pulsars and Karizmas.
This award is a direct reflection of our strong insurance and technology credentials, as well as our ability to effectively implement Pegasystems solutions," said Yezdi Mehta, vice president and head of the Americas insurance practice at Infosys.
Shri Yezdi Hirji Malegam Public Affairs Maharashtra
Taqiyya is also used by many Middle Eastern ruling elites and sects, including the Yezdi, Alaawites (the present Syrian ruling family), Sabaeans and the Druze whose use of taqiyya dates back to c.
37 I wish to express my indebtedness to Yezdi Antia, Homi B.
A former executive, Yezdi Lashkari, at Zynga, took part as an angel investor as part of the round.
Czech engineers have contributed to India's industrialization and BATA, Yezdi and Skoda are well known brand names in India," said Ansari.
He had the magic touch with a touchy machine known as the Yezdi Roadking, a 250cc Indian motorcycle derived from the Czech Jawa.
Yezdi Chinoy has been selected CEO of Generali Investments Asia Limited, the Generali Group s Asian asset management arm, founded in Hong Kong.