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The religion practiced by the Yezidi, characterized by belief in reincarnation and in a single creator god who has left the governance of the world to subordinate beings, including a powerful angel represented as a peacock.

Yezdism, Yezidism

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There were also very ancient traditions like Manichaeism, Nestorian Christianity, Yezidism, Zoroastrianism and others which mostly got crushed under the footsteps of intolerance and persecution.
2) Yezidism is a pre-Islamic belief combining a veneration of angels with vestiges of pre-Islamic Zoroastrianism and Manichaeism.
The ethnic groups such as Turkmens, Chaldeans, Assyrians and Syriacs, and religions such as Islam, Christianity, Yezidism and other sectarian groups are all original components of this nation and Kurdistan belongs to all of them.
Yezidism in Europe; different generations speak about their religion.
These differences can, however, easily be explained by the differing ethos of dualist Gnosticism and Yezidism, which has been termed an anti-dualist religion by one scholar.
The world's list of monotheistic religions includes: Baha'i, Christianity, Druzism, Hare Krishna, Islam, Judaism, Rastafarianism, Saivism, Sikhism, Smartism, Vaishnavism, and Yezidism.
But in order to penetrate the mysteries of the centuries-old cross-breeding that brought about this situation, we need to try to define what Yezidism is.