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A linguistic feature of Yiddish, especially a Yiddish idiom or phrasing that appears in another language.


(ˈyɪd ɪˌʃɪz əm)

1. a word, phrase, or linguistic feature characteristic of or peculiar to Yiddish.
2. the advocacy of Yiddish language and literature.
Yid′dish•ist, n.


a Yiddish loanword in English, as chutzpa.
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On a more positive note, I must admit that I loved the Yiddishisms thrown in by the author via the mouth of Irving Greenberg, Tony's Jewish agent, originally from Brooklyn [being from that borough myself.
32) Marc contends that Barr "created not only public masks, but also fictional domestic sitcom milieus that in no way indicated background, culture, or religion," noting that Barr never used "phonetic or phonemic Yiddishisms.
An entertainer who sprinkled Yiddishisms into his routines, Davis nonetheless struggled to distinguish his racial or ethnic identity as an African American from his religious conversion, denying that his religious choice had abrogated his racial identification.
Unlike other Yiddishisms that populate the American lexicon, glitch doesn't particularly sound like something your bubbe would say.
a person who sprinkles his conversation with Yiddishisms.
In my entire year on the kibbutz, I remember hearing regularly very few words that might qualify, including such Yiddishisms as fryer ("sucker") and mispar (lit.
In all the ways that The Last Five Years is dismissive of any sort of complexities of Jewish identity (Jamie's Jewishness manifests itself in occasional Yiddishisms, attraction to gentile women, and little else), Parade runs at them headlong.
Ask him, for example, the difference between a shlump and a shmendrik, and you're sure to learn much about the euphonic joys of Yiddishisms.
The Jewish language Simms employs only seems to work if we accept that "consciously or not" Jews are always engaging with particular Jewish thought processes or ways of being that take into account everything from the Bible through the Holocaust, Kabbalistic thought, contemporary Israel, and American-Jewish Yiddishisms.
Ozick layers the English prose of "Envy" with Yiddish--inserting actual Yiddish phrases, sentences, and stanzas of poems; translating Yiddish idioms and sayings into an English that is often deliberately unidiomatic; and bending and reversing English syntax with Yiddishisms that transform English into Yinglish.
One yuk, about "bachelors who deal in antiques," is repeated three times to diminishing returns, and the nuns' lingo is peppered with Yiddishisms in search of laughs.
While Ginsberg's use of the comic Jewish stereotype of the Jewish mother, right down to the use of Yiddishisms and the melodramatic, manipulative response, certainly might offend some Jews, it seems to be somewhat affectionate as well as critical, and is thus an indication of Ginsberg's own conflicted identification with the Jewish people.