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A linguistic feature of Yiddish, especially a Yiddish idiom or phrasing that appears in another language.


(ˈyɪd ɪˌʃɪz əm)

1. a word, phrase, or linguistic feature characteristic of or peculiar to Yiddish.
2. the advocacy of Yiddish language and literature.
Yid′dish•ist, n.


a Yiddish loanword in English, as chutzpa.
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a person who sprinkles his conversation with Yiddishisms.
He was an equally proud Jew, who cherished his Jewish heritage, sprinkled his speech with Yiddishisms, and could not have been more proud of the rebirth of Israel.
Symphony Sid" also blurred racial boundaries by interspersing jive with Yiddishisms, notably his designation of Charlie Parker as "Feigele" (or "Yutfeigel")--Yiddish for "Bird.
The Jewish language Simms employs only seems to work if we accept that "consciously or not" Jews are always engaging with particular Jewish thought processes or ways of being that take into account everything from the Bible through the Holocaust, Kabbalistic thought, contemporary Israel, and American-Jewish Yiddishisms.
I enjoy Stewart's Yiddishisms, Jewish jokes and occasional confessions that he doesn't know much about his religion (though his writers clearly do).
While Ginsberg's use of the comic Jewish stereotype of the Jewish mother, right down to the use of Yiddishisms and the melodramatic, manipulative response, certainly might offend some Jews, it seems to be somewhat affectionate as well as critical, and is thus an indication of Ginsberg's own conflicted identification with the Jewish people.
Sammy is a tenacious journalist who's given to peppering her conversation with Yiddishisms.
The piece weaves contemporary modern dance with humorous Yiddishisms ("I am shvitzing [sweating]--that is very Jewish," says the character).
No wonder Gerchunoff is such a quixotic figure in the eyes of intellectuals and scholars: his lifelong project, to turn Spanish into a home for the Jews, to acclimate the language not only to Hebraisms and Yiddishisms but to a world view totally alien to it, went against the currents of history.
They had, in a word, chutzpah and sprinkled Yiddishisms into their concoctions without so much as a passing nod to Jewish history or culture.
In the Chants populaires, she is entirely at ease shifting from the "Chanson ecossaise"--a sweet and straightforward rendering of Robert Burns' "Ye banks and braes o' bonnie Doon"--to the rich Yiddishisms of the Chansons hebraiques ("Mejerke, main Suhn").
10) In assimilating Israeli Hebrew, an immigrant must learn to mispronounce English words, adopt Yiddishisms, add Slavic and German diminutives, and intersperse Arabic - and all this in the name of learning "Hebrew.