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A linguistic feature of Yiddish, especially a Yiddish idiom or phrasing that appears in another language.


(ˈyɪd ɪˌʃɪz əm)

1. a word, phrase, or linguistic feature characteristic of or peculiar to Yiddish.
2. the advocacy of Yiddish language and literature.
Yid′dish•ist, n.


a Yiddish loanword in English, as chutzpa.
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Judaism," writes Yiddishist Michael Wex, "is obsessed with separation, with boundaries," (90) which is why, "the very first distinction" Alexander Portnoy learned "was not night and day, or hot and cold, but goyische and Jewish.
The third, Zelig Hirsh Kalmanovitch, was another Yiddishist scholar and activist who worked as an administrator at the Yiddish Scientific Institute.
There, I not only developed a Judaic literacy totally foreign to my Christian upbringing but became something of an amateur Yiddishist as well.
But first, a relevant aside: employed at the time by a Jewish cultural organization, moving in Yiddishist and Judaic Studies circles, I had heard about the paper and its mixed reception when it first was published.
4) The Yiddishist scholar Ruth Wisse, too, in her introduction to an anthology of works depicting the world of east European Jews, warns the reader to remember that, while these stories "enrich our understanding of East European Jewish life," fact has been filtered through fiction, "and the bias of the mediating imagination must be clearly understood.
Svigals describes klezmer's special relation with the left-leaning secular Yiddishist movement, with its Queer Nation-inspired in-your-face approach to Jewish identity, and concludes with a manifesto For a "Yiddishist" approach to klezmer (p.
That is, until 1997, when French-Canadian Yiddishist Pierre Anctil translated it into French.
In his conversational style, he conveyed a sense of alienation from the new, harder aspect of Orthodoxy that the Agudah represented, in clear continuity with his Yiddishist cultural orientation.
Theodore Bikel is an actor, activist, musician and Yiddishist.
4] Dos Lied fun Hiavat'a included, moreover, an important long introduction by the celebrated critic and Yiddishist Dr.
The post-1956 transformation of the group of believers in the Soviet system into an independent "progressive" movement of Jewish socialists had two components: On the one hand, it was a pragmatist decision of such people as Novick, who saw it as the only way to preserve at least some parts of the left-wing Yiddishist circles; on the other hand, many "progressives" sincerely sought to find a new compromise between their socialist and nationalist aspirations.
On the way to school I would pass a small yeshiva, a Yiddishist school, and a Protestant public school whose student body was overwhelmingly Jewish in number.