yield management

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yield′ man`agement

the process of frequently adjusting the price of a product in response to various market factors, as demand or competition.
gestion de tauxtarification en temps réel
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Roper said a yield management system allows a company to track what a resident is willing to pay extra for in terms of style, location, amenities or lease terms.
After evaluating yield management system solutions, Syntricity's dataConductor stood out for its scalability and advanced analysis capabilities," said Ed Jenkins, Director of Product and Test Engineering at Aptina.
com, a private cloud, provides a comprehensive, scalable, and reliable enterprise yield management system for semiconductor companies, with automated connections to customers' global supply chain of wafer foundries, assembly houses, and test facilities.
Warren NJ, has successfully implemented an enterprise yield management system using Syntricity's dataConductor[TM] software suite.
By integrating Yield Management System (YMS) and Fault Detection & Classification (FDC) tools, the Korean company has developed DETDAS (Dongbu Early Trouble Detection and Analysis System), which reduces fault detection and analysis from 2-to-3 days to less than one hour while sharply increasing wafer yields and process stability.
has successfully implemented an enterprise yield management system built on Syntricity's dataConductor[TM] software suite.
When it was introduced some fifteen years ago, it was the first commercially-available yield management system.
The ADC software option will automatically classify defects and update the KLARF files for export to the yield management system or downstream tools.
Discover is the next-generation yield management system designed to meet the needs of both process engineers requiring comprehensive methods of data analysis and operators that need to quickly and accurately see the quality data pertaining to their cell.
PDF Solutions also offers the industry leading Yield Management System (YMS) software, dataPOWER([R]), and Fault Detection and Classification (FDC) software, Maestria[TM], to enhance yield improvement and production control activities at leading fabs around the world.
The route and yield management system allows the company to offer low fares, which in turn have attracted new, price sensitive travelers that have increased load factors to more than 73.