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(Placename) a port in S central China, in Hubei province on the Yangtze River 1600 km (1000 miles) from the East China Sea: the Three Gorges dam, the world's biggest hydroelectric and flood-control project, is nearby. Pop: 724 000 (2005 est)
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Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The branch manager of the Shanghai Pudong Yiling Company in Iran, Gu Yili, described the Iranian oil sector as a highly profitable market.
She expressed the hope that oil cooperation between Shanghai Pudong Yiling Company and its Iranian partners would grow in the coming years.
Wang Yiling, the Executive Director of CICJS hosted the ceremony, which was attended by the Secretary of the Party Committee of China Shipping Industry (CIC) Zhang Yibing and Mr.
11) This article concerns the life of Li Yourong, a Chinese stranded scholar, and her daughter, Yiling, whom she was forced to leave behind in China.
Yourong then accompanied her husband to his new job in Huizhou, Guangdong province, where her daughter Yiling was born in May 1944.
Although he made plans to bring his future wife and Yiling out of China, he was dissuaded from doing so because of the pleas of his parents to return to China.
Though Yiling was still in China, Yourong thought it would be better to try to get her out of China than to go back herself with her son.
However, when Yourong's father applied for a visa to take Yiling out of China, he found he was unable to and instead got in trouble with the Communist authorities.
91) The main reason for this trip was to see her daughter, Yiling.
By this time Yiling was thirty-four and had a husband and son of her own.
It was during Yourong's return visit to China that Yiling told her some of what had happened to her since she was left with her maternal grandparents in 1946.
In Hubei province, Huangshi, Zhongxiang and the Yiling district are deploying Riverstone's RS 8000 routers to enhance their networks with VPN capabilities.