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"Yis, sir," quod he, "yis, host."
- Chaucer.
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Other YI projects address immunological approaches to prostate cancer and issues related to the emergence of treatment resistance.
5) I have shown in Lemoine 1987 that, Shee Yee, the first shaman of the Hmong tradition, could well be the same as She Yi, the good archer of Chinese ancient mythology.
All the time sitting in Delly yis not wokay you know
My husband always had a craving for the restaurant business," Ruth Yi said.
In the slow process of historical evolution, various ethnic groups created colourful and unique cultures, namely Dongba Culture of the Naxis, Pattra Culture of the Dais, the Solar Calendar of the Yis, the Terraced Paddy Fields of the Hanis.
Mary's or Sacred Heart, YIS inculcate such values as justice, peace and equality and because of this it has always offered a solid education; YIS is one of the oldest international schools in the world, and while the school is small in comparison with St.
I'm a dacint boy, just landed from the town of Ballyfad; I want a situation: yis, I want it mighty bad.
dedly synnys are in and yis is taken out of ira', is Chaucer, Parson's Tale 1.
O, yes, sir, I know from the gentleman that sent you to me that you're asking for a good purpose: yis, indeed, thin; but I ralely can't say" (2:44).
These experiments include the Bedan Kredit Kecamatan (BKK), MBM and YIS programmes in Indonesia, Grameen Bank and Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC) in Bangladesh, Agha Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP) in Pakistan, Self Employed Women's Association (SEWA) and Working Women's Forum (WWF) in India, the Kababaihang Barangay of San Miguel, Bulacan (KBB) in the Philippines, Production Credit for Rural Women (PCRW) in Nepal, etc.
The Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) announced the addition of 24 new Young Investigators (YIs) to its 2011 Class, increasing the total of PCF-supported YI projects to 74.
OUTDOORS 5THE AS the unofficial capital of Yorkshire, Leeds Yis the gateway to the North and the perfect base from which to explore the countryside.