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"Yis, sir," quod he, "yis, host."
- Chaucer.
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Yis for Young Blood Is the brilliant debut single from The Naked and Famous.
Yis for Yawning, which is something we find ourselves doing at the cinema, theatre, or indeed any darkened place, sitting down.
Interviewing two statues he said: "Nothin' ta say both a yis.
Yis for young people: you might think letting your children invite their friends round this week will just add one more body to the chaos that is your household, but in fact it will get your own brood out of your hair.
He was wearing a balaclava and told them: "I'll blast yis.
The defence also argued Mr Cawley pulled a knife when the Dumbrell brothers approached him, said, "I'll give yis a fight" and only turned and ran when Warren produced a hurley.
Dumbrell said when they arrived near the Tyrone Place flats in Inchicore, Mr Cawley pulled out a knife and said: "I'll give yis a fight".
YIS for Z LISt Sarah Harding was a bridesmaid and a host of stars were there to toast her getting wed to Peter Andre.
YIS for yo yo Katie's weight has been fluctuating since marrying Alex in February.