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 (yēz-kôr′, yĭz′kər)
A Jewish memorial service for the dead.

[Hebrew yizkōr, may (God) remember, from zākar, to remember; see ḏkr in Semitic roots.]


(Judaism) Judaism a memorial prayer included in the liturgy for certain festivals
[from Hebrew, literally: let him remember]
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Much is revealed by comparing the entries in the Encyclopaedia of Jewish Communities, Yizkor books, the Virtual Shtetl and Zchor web sites, and survivor testimony.
Four times a year I go to yizkor and I observe my parents' yahrtzeit, so do they exist in some dimension, as souls?
We are honored to present a unique and inspirational Kol Nidre (this evening) and Yizkor Memorial Service (Monday) for World Jewry, many of whom are unable to get to a synagogue," synagogue founder Rabbi David Baron said.
Sebald's Die Ausgewanderten to the Tradition of the Yizkor Books.
The longing for the mother--real, symbolic, archetypal, chthonic--is the central thread in the poem, in which seven sections are titled according to rites or prayers that allude to specific moods: Shaharit (morning prayer), Yizkor (memorial prayer), Lethe, Pythia, Equinox, Threnody (song of lamentation), and September.
What might have added more impetus for me to connect with the Netziv's writings was my having learned about my own roots from a family history written in a Yizkor book on the village of Olshon in the province of Minsk.
On Wednesday, the Yom Kippur morning service, including the Yizkor memorial service, will be at 9 a.
In a fiercely poignant chapter he calls 'Four Executions and One More Death,' the author examines critically his search for a yizkor date that uncovered the mystery of four possible dates for his father's death which as a soldier and scholar he was able to assemble like raw data during a continuing research into the conflicting evidence.
A poignant service of memorial prayers, Yizkor, is held, and the Book of Jonah is typically read in the afternoon.
We gather at the prescribed times for Yizkor, the memorial service for the dead, and we add a special prayer for those who were murdered in the shoah, and we recite the mourner's Kaddish.
Catskill Culture chants a loving, tender yizkor in memory of that once vibrant, and very Jewish, world.