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 (yēz-kôr′, yĭz′kər)
A Jewish memorial service for the dead.

[Hebrew yizkōr, may (God) remember, from zākar, to remember; see ḏkr in Semitic roots.]


(Judaism) Judaism a memorial prayer included in the liturgy for certain festivals
[from Hebrew, literally: let him remember]
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If you're the synagogue type, you'll have the opportunity to attend the Yizkor memorial service that takes place four times a year, including on Yom Kippur.
Trump visited the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial center in Jerusalem Tuesday where he and the first lady laid a wreath at the Eternal Flame in the Ohal Yizkor in memory of the six million Jews who perished in the Shoah.
Yom Kippur is one of four occasions during the year that the Yizkor is read.
Aren't all Yizkor books commemorating lost communities, and all the massive documentation of the six million
It didn't happen overnight, but every day more Yizkor (memorial) books for destroyed towns, birth and death records, and archival databases became accessible, produced by online communities dedicated to sharing information.
These remembrances of places and people produced by associations of former residents or mutual aid societies are known as yizkor (memorial) books.
Much is revealed by comparing the entries in the Encyclopaedia of Jewish Communities, Yizkor books, the Virtual Shtetl and Zchor web sites, and survivor testimony.
April 20: " Holocaust Memorial Books," by curator Kimberly Guise, on Yizkor books commemorating Jewish communities annihilated in the Holocaust.
We are honored to present a unique and inspirational Kol Nidre (this evening) and Yizkor Memorial Service (Monday) for World Jewry, many of whom are unable to get to a synagogue," synagogue founder Rabbi David Baron said.
Memory was served as landsmanschaftn produced yizkor books, newcomer associations memorialized losses and created monuments, and individuals wrote memoirs in Yiddish.
Sebald's Die Ausgewanderten to the Tradition of the Yizkor Books.
Bei ihren Zusammentreffen in Gruppen wie die landsmann schaften oder survivor-only groups in New York wurde auch mittels religioser Rituale wie des Sprechens des Kaddish-Gebets, der Gedenkzeremonie Yazik sowie durch das Erstellen der yizkor bikher, also Erinnerungsbuchern, der Toten im Holocaust gedacht.