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n. pl. yob·bos, yob·boes Chiefly British Slang
A yob.

[yob + -o.]



n. Brit. Slang.
a teenage lout or hooligan.
[1855–60; a consciously reversed form of boy]
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Noun1.yobbo - a cruel and brutal fellowyobbo - a cruel and brutal fellow    
aggressor, assailant, assaulter, attacker - someone who attacks
bullyboy - a swaggering tough; usually one acting as an agent of a political faction
muscleman, muscle - a bully employed as a thug or bodyguard; "the drug lord had his muscleman to protect him"
skinhead - a young person who belongs to a British or American group that shave their heads and gather at rock concerts or engage in white supremacist demonstrations
plug-ugly, tough guy - someone who bullies weaker people


[ˈjɒbəʊ] n (British)loubard m


n (Brit inf) → Halbstarke(r) m, → Rowdy m
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YOB culture is a growing issue for British business, causing losses of pounds 9.
Almost one in five businesses was affected by yob culture last year, at an average cost of just over pounds 20,000 for each affected business.
WE ARE reading and hearing daily about how the yob culture is ruining the live of the communities all over the country.
It's a yob culture, a rowdy culture" - John Cleese on how England has changed.
But when a man as violent and dangerous as Reeves writes to this paper to condemn yob culture, it says something about society today.
Everything from global warming to the yob culture is taken care of by increasing prices on fuel (which bumps up the cost of everything else), tobacco and drink.
We, his friends, are looking for support to try and bring the yob culture to an end.
SUZANNE Herd answers all the questions about yob culture.
Let's hope that yob culture gets less publicity and perhaps the decent young people of our city are put in the spotlight more often.
The yob culture that all too often spreads its evil within our communities has once again reared its senseless ugly head.
This yob culture should be stamped out once and for all
P BENNISON's attack on the yob culture is totally justified but what he writes next is not?