York use

York´ use`

1.(Eccl.) The one of the three printed uses of England which was followed in the north. It was based on the Sarum use. See Use, n., 6.
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NEW YORK, July 24, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Avatar New York uses the latest design technology to build cutting-edge websites and apps.
York uses this frustration to bring out the innate power of perception.
The Federal Reserve Bank of New York uses The Story of Inflation, a comic book, to make an argument most Americans would dispute: that we should be thankful when our money loses value.
Similarly, rather than enforce laws that New York uses to punish other people for driving without licenses or without auto insurance, Gov.
World-renowned newspapers breathlessly report that "one former skater in New York uses a Bottega Montana board as his coffee table.
York uses networked computers in the office, and cell phones, a laptop and a portable hard drive on the road.
New York uses home-based TIAA-CREF (877-697-2837) as its program manager.
Hill York uses data from the last two years of energy use to model potential savings.
Ogilvy New York uses its office space as an art gallery to showcase contemporary and emerging artists of all mediums in the lobby and on the walls of each floor.
New York uses these five and other agencies as financing vehicles, and all such debt formerly was secured by the intent to appropriate for debt service.
Meeting these standards is an indication that HIP Health Plan of New York uses technology effectively to connect with its members and keep them involved in their care.
The Bank of New York uses the interface for its BNY SmartSource(SM) investment manager product.
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