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n. Informal
A Yorkshire terrier.


(Breeds) another name for Yorkshire terrier

York′shire ter′rier

one of an English breed of toy terriers having a long, silky, straight coat that is dark steel-blue with tan on the head, chest, and legs.
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So we took him - a Yorkie, or a Yorkie mix - to the vet and then took him home, and later that afternoon the owner got in contact and collected him.
00pm Ash (OT Fagbenle, below) returns to work following his violent encounter with Yorkie and becomes convinced a big shipment of drugs is being planned, while Kim is horrified to discover that ex-boyfriend Connor has used their relationship to feed intelligence to Stannard.
After the failure of the pill operation, Roach (Trevor Eve, below) asks thug Yorkie to help him out.
But determined to keep Alex a secret and warn him away from Yorkie, Ash sneaks off to meet his old pal.
Washington, Jan 12 ( ANI ): Britney Spears and beau David Lucado are reportedly planning to buy a new Yorkie puppy, which would cost them a whooping 5,000 dollars.
I wrote in this column about a straight-talking, no-nonsense Yorkie friend who was worried that, at the age of 86, the Queen was overburdened with her public duties.
This event aims to celebrate all pet parents of the breed with the first-ever, national Yorkie Meet Up at Petco.
But now it seems the Yorkie is just for lightweights after makers Nestle admitted they have slimmed the bar down by 14 per cent.
Proper Yorkie VVEXPLOSIVE finish Loved reading Steve Palmer's struggle to fathom out the sport's parlance in his Racing Education series.
MUSICIAN manager and producer for Space, Shack, Seven Seals, Ivan Campo, My Amiga and Circlesound, Yorkie has been responsible for some of the most interesting sounds to come out of the city in recent years.
com)-- The Gilded Yorkie Dog Boutique announces their grand opening.
Summary: A judge at the Old Bailey has shown mercy on the star of the original Yorkie chocolate bar adverts and let him walk free after he admitted to killing his terminally ill wife.