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n. Informal
A Yorkshire terrier.


(Breeds) another name for Yorkshire terrier

York′shire ter′rier

one of an English breed of toy terriers having a long, silky, straight coat that is dark steel-blue with tan on the head, chest, and legs.
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This was after the Yorkie bar ad featuring a truck driver earned its actor the title 'Sexiest Man in Britain'.
She was riding an ex-racehorse called Yorkie - a huge thoroughbred, who was a new addition - cantering around the paddock, when he suddenly became jumpy.
I budgeted for them, so I'm in good shape but didn't plan on my 8-year-old Yorkie going crazy with every house call from a repairman--and they are all men.
Yorkie's take on York UPDATE Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie has been hired by Visit York to present a travelogue.
Father's Day is just around the corner and we've teamed up with Poundland to help you treat your dad to a free Yorkie Pouch.
When the Yorkie was discovered, bruised and with two broken legs inside a trolley bag that had been tied shut and dumped in the rain in an alleyway off Breckside Park, he was unable to stand.
The RSPCA's David Hatton said: "This poor little Yorkie was abandoned on the first day of the New Year.
Rowdy Yates; BRING ME THE HEAD OF YORKIE GOODMAN; New Pulp Press (Fiction: Pulp) 14.
00pm Ash (OT Fagbenle, below) returns to work following his violent encounter with Yorkie and becomes convinced a big shipment of drugs is being planned, while Kim is horrified to discover that ex-boyfriend Connor has used their relationship to feed intelligence to Stannard.
After the failure of the pill operation, Roach (Trevor Eve, below) asks thug Yorkie to help him out.
But determined to keep Alex a secret and warn him away from Yorkie, Ash sneaks off to meet his old pal.
Ferguson focused on two genes previously identified in stem cells but not in the blood system, named Yorkie and Scalloped, and discovered that they are required in a newly characterized cell type called a lineage specifying cell.