Young Turk

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Young Turk

1. A member of a Turkish reformist and nationalist political party active in the early 1900s.
2. often young Turk
a. A young progressive or insurgent member of an institution, movement, or political party.
b. A young person who rebels against authority or societal expectations.

Young Turk

1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a progressive, revolutionary, or rebellious member of an organization, political party, etc, esp one agitating for radical reform
2. (Historical Terms) a member of an abortive reform movement in the Ottoman Empire, originally made up of exiles in W Europe who advocated liberal reforms. The movement fell under the domination of young Turkish army officers of a nationalist bent, who wielded great influence in the government between 1908 and 1918

Young′ Turk′

1. a member of a reformist and nationalist group in Turkey that was politically dominant from 1908 to 1918.
2. Also, young′ Turk′. a member of an insurgent, usu. liberal faction within a political party or other organization.

young Turk

- Term for a tyrannical or unmanageable man, based on the members of a party of Turkish agitators that brought about the revolution of 1908.
See also related terms for revolution.
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Noun1.Young Turk - a member of one or more of the insurgent groups in Turkey in the late 19th century who rebelled against the absolutism of Ottoman rule
freedom fighter, insurgent, insurrectionist, rebel - a person who takes part in an armed rebellion against the constituted authority (especially in the hope of improving conditions)
2.young Turk - a young radical who agitates for reform
radical - a person who has radical ideas or opinions
References in classic literature ?
The frozen little isle of Iceland has one-quarter as many; and even into Turkey, which was a forbidden land under the regime of the old Sultan, the Young Turks are importing boxes of telephones and coils of copper wire.
Unlike his mother, the young Turk wants to make a career in direction.
Im in favour of young Turks, in fact I was a young Turk myself once.
He attracted attention for his outstanding prose poems, and he became connected with the Fecr-i ati ("Dawn of the Future") literary school, which was formed after the Young Turk Revolution of 1908.
But on the way to losing every penny she hasn't got as well as her young Turk, no woman has the right to ruin her children's lives along with her own.
One young Turk was ticked off by Environment spokesman and former party vice-chairman Archie Norman for wanting to get a plum seat straight away.
Tarhan was a follower of the Tanzimat school of literature (based on a 19th-century political reform movement) and was influenced by his patriotic predecessor, the Young Turk writer Namik Kemal.
In a public display of the Congressi culture', the minister picked up Rahul's shoes as soon as the young Turk removed them before garlanding Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar's statue at Ghatkopar.
Executive director Greg Epton, thirty-two, and his team of Young Turk marketing and development whiz kids are part of A.
After the Young Turk revolution in 1908, Usakligil taught courses in European literature at Istanbul University.
The choice of the Young Turk leaders to participate in the war was not out of expected spectacular triumphs, but was aimed at preserving what was left of the empire with the help and support of the shining German war machine and its imperial ambitions in the East.
Farrelly failed to figure on the bench for the subsequent Premiership games at Charlton and Newcastle United with young Turk Akin Bulent preferred ahead of him in the pecking order.