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 (yo͞o-än′, yü-)
A Chinese dynasty (1279-1368) established by the Mongolian ruler Kublai Khan with its capital at present-day Beijing. It was superseded by the Ming dynasty.

[Mandarin Yuán, after the phrase from I Ching dà zāi qián yuán, how great is heaven the progenitor!, from yuán, primary, first, from Middle Chinese ŋyan; akin to Tibetan mgo, head, summit and mgon-po, master, lord.]


 (yo͞o-än′, yü-)
n. pl. yuan or yu·ans
See Table at currency.

[Mandarin yuán, round, yuan (in the latter meaning, loan translation of Japanese en, yen, written with the same Chinese character as Mandarin yuán, round), from Middle Chinese yan, round; see yen2.]


n, pl -an
(Currencies) the standard monetary unit of China, divided into 10 jiao and 100 fen. Also called: renminbi or renminbi yuan
[from Chinese yüan round object; see yen1]


(Biography) the imperial dynasty of China from 1279 to 1368
(Ceramics) of or relating to the Chinese porcelain produced during the Yüan dynasty, characterized by the appearance of under-glaze blue-and-white ware


(ˈjuːˈæn) or


(Placename) a river in SE central China, rising in central Guizhou province and flowing northeast to Lake Tungting. Length: about 800 km (500 miles)


(yuˈɑn; Chin. yüɑn)

n., pl. -an.
the basic monetary unit of China.
[1915–20; < Chinese yuán literally, round]
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Noun1.yuan - the basic unit of money in Chinayuan - the basic unit of money in China  
Chinese monetary unit - the monetary unit in the People's Republic of China
jiao - 10 jiao equal 1 yuan in China
2.yuan - the imperial dynasty of China from 1279 to 1368Yuan - the imperial dynasty of China from 1279 to 1368
dynasty - a sequence of powerful leaders in the same family
Çin para birimiyuan


[ˈjuːˈæn] Nyuan m


[juːˈæn] nyuan m


(juˈӕn) plural yuˈan noun
the standard unit of currency in the People's Republic of China.
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6% over the previous week, and the prices of high-speed wire rod, screw-thread steel, hot-rolled strip steel and common round steel were 4147 yuan, 4086 yuan, 4246 yuan and 4208 yuan per ton respectively, down 0.
ISLAMABAD -- As China plans to further open up its market and promote free global trade and investment, the yuan is expected to play a greater global role.
The large female panda at the Taipei Zoo, Yuan Yuan, has been artificially inseminated, it has been reported, after her partner Tuan Tuan, failed to mate with her during the height of her fertility cycle.
In order to reduce dependency on the greenback gradually over time, Pakistan has decided to use Chinese yuan for bilateral trade.
Economists see the yuan as becoming one of the world's major reserve currencies.
Officials in Cambodia and China's Guangdong province are cooperating to establish trade using yuan instead of US dollars, part of the two countries' increasingly close economic relationship.
The decision was taken after rejecting a Chinese proposal to allow yuan as legal tender in Gwadar, Balochistan.
A LARGE misunderstanding is growing that Pakistan has just opened the door to settling all bilateral trade with China in yuan instead of the dollar.
Islamabad -- Chinese Yuan achieved a milestone as two of the World's well-reputed and biggest banks including the European Central Bank and the People's Bank of China established a currency swap agreement, the latest in a string of moves to help encourage global use of the, Chinese currency.
However, the People's Bank of China (PBOC) maintains the value of the yuan within a certain upper and lower limit - in a 2 per cent range broadly - utilising in the process a few monetary tools.
The use of the Chinese yuan is said to have been increasing in recent years for trade invoicing, reflecting the rapid growth and development of the Chinese economy.
88 billion yuan to 16 shareholders of Yin for buying 48 million shares, which account for 80% of the total equity shares.