Yuan dynasty

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Noun1.Yuan dynasty - the imperial dynasty of China from 1279 to 1368Yuan dynasty - the imperial dynasty of China from 1279 to 1368
dynasty - a sequence of powerful leaders in the same family
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The fall of the Tang Dynasty was brought about by the Yuan Dynasty of Mongols and their leader Kublai Khan,' Dr Salahuddin continued with his story of Imperial China.
To avert the fall of the great Ming dynasty (1368-1644), Chinese emperor in the early ages was filled with the notion of rooting up the bureaucratic corruption, to which the earlier Yuan dynasty had fallen prey.
Schutt's breezy tone helps keep disgust at bay, and the book is full of surprising detail: In China, for example, elites during the Yuan dynasty (1271-1368) regularly feasted on humans, and the practice continued well into the late 1960s.
Among the rare and historic dishes are double-boiled mini Buddha soup, Manchu hot pot, the luxurious braised abalone with goose web, Peking duck wrap served to the Mongol emperor of the Yuan Dynasty, sha qui ma, a delicacy of Manchu cuisine rarely available in the Philippines, and the double boiled bird's nest sourced from Indonesian wild swiftlets and considered the "caviar of the east.
57111) written during the Yuan dynasty 600 years ago .
Birge translates the entire chapter 18, "Marriage" of the legal compilation Yuan dianzhang, and comments on the 75 cases in order to illustrate the tension and accommodations between Mongol customary law and Chinese and Inner Asian law during the century that the Mongol Yuan dynasty ruled China, 1260-1368.
Despite the title, Dennis essentially deals with gazetteers from the end of the Yuan dynasty (1279-1368) to the Ming dynasty (1368-1644), and his presentation does not cover the entirety of the subject, but focuses on certain points.
Yet the Beijing-born photographer waxes nostalgic for the Chinese capital's classic sibeyuan courtyard houses, which date back to the 13th-century Yuan Dynasty.
YUAN DYNASTY They pig out on meat, chug milk, swig spirits.
Yuan Dynasty focuses on the Khans' conquest of China and life during their brief rule.
Dreyer begins with the first documented contact between the Chinese and Japanese in the late Han dynasty and touches on their clashes on the Korean peninsula during the Tang and Ming dynasties that bookend the failed Yuan dynasty invasions of Japan in the thirteenth century.
I grew up, as a Tsinoy (Chinese-Filipino) being told that the festival came out of a revolt by the Han Chinese people against the ruling Yuan dynasty in the 14th century.