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n. pl. Yuchi or Yu·chis
1. A member of a Native American people formerly inhabiting northern Georgia and eastern Tennessee, with a present-day population in Oklahoma.
2. The language of the Yuchi, of no known linguistic affiliation.

[Probably Cherokee yutsi.]
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SHAWNEE: The Shawnee were a very mobile people, the snow birds of their time; they mingled with the Lenape, Seneca, Miami, Potawatomie, Cherokee, Creek, Choctaw, Catawba, Yuchi, Chickasaw, and Sauk-Fox, to name a few.
Including work from the Choctaw, Muscogee (Creek), Chickasaw, Yuchi, Cherokee, Koasati (Coushatta), Atakapa-Ishak, Catawba, and Houma, this comprehensive collection contains essays, folktales, hymns, creation myths, prophecies, and more--both from members of tribes forcibly displaced by relocation and those who remained hidden within their ancestral homelands.
Sun Moon Lake, a major tourist attraction located in Yuchi Township, is a big natural lake in Taiwan.
Encompassing a broad period from 1830 to 2014, Marcia Haag (linguistics, University of Oklahoma) presents translated texts and commentary on literature by indigenous linguistic and cultural groups of the American Southeast: Choctaw, Creek, Chickasaw, Yuchi, Cherokee, Koasati, Houma, Catawba, and Atakapa.
The CRCC subsidiary Urban Construction Group and China Resources SZITIC Trust will take up the PPP project, of environmental remediation and landscape engineering at the Yuchi River Ecological Park.
In this book, Yuchi Yang, a registered dietitian, offers you four simple steps to lowering your blood triglycerides:
This local gentleman Tom Hendrix built the sandstone and limestone Wichahpi Commemorative Stone Wall for 30 years in tribute to his great-great grandmother, a member of the Yuchi tribe who was on the Trail of
Daniel Wildcat, a Yuchi member of the Muscogee Nation and a convener of the Indigenous Peoples' Climate Change Working Group, said that in stating that all species have value in themselves and that their human-influenced extinction impedes them from giving glory to God "speaks very directly to the issues that are most troubling for us.
Other materials, 2 males, Guangxi, Jinxiu Dayaoshan, 26-VII-2005, Yajun Zhu; 1 male, Taiwan, Nantou county, Yuchi, Lianhua Pond, alt.
Hix4, la berruga o mesquino Xuy, el mesquino o la berruga Cicon, mulicicon, arador de la mano Canic belehyue, arador de la mano Rabah xoc, los callos de las manos Tantipoli kasa, los callos de las manos Teuh satan, frios y calenturas Rax teuh, frios y calenturas Ma4a4, ruvach, tuerto de un ojo Tzoy runas ruvach, tuerto de un ojo Roboric runas ruvach, tuerto de un ojo Coppocic ruvach, tuerto de un ojo Yobboic ruvach, tuerto de un ojo Hebehic ruvach, tuerto de un ojo Hetehic ruvach, tuerto de un ojo Lamaloh yuchi, el desdentado Mani rey, el desdentado 4inin rey, el dientudo Vaghavaxinak eyah, el dientudo Xilim, bubas Xilim Ahu, bubas Cobahauh, bubas Cobi 4hac, bubas Popoxlech, la tortilla seca Chakih vay, la tortilla seca