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n.1.(Zool.) The crowned gibbon (Hylobates pileatus), native of Siam, Southern China, and the Island of Hainan. It is entirely arboreal in its habits, and has very long arms. the males are dark brown or blackish, with a caplike mass of long dark hair, and usually with a white band around the face. The females are yellowish white, with a dark spot on the breast and another on the crown. Called also wooyen, and wooyen ape.
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Speaking on, "Tailoring Differentiated Customer Loyalty and Engagement Strategies to Meet Individual Customers' Lifestyle and Preferences," Convergys' Sidney Yuen discussed ways companies can deliver the customer service experience that each customer expects.
The Department of Health (DH) today (December 1) endorsed a licensed drug wholesaler, Kai Yuen Pharmaceutical Company (Kai Yuen), to recall a batch (Lot No.
Jonathan Yuen, Commander, Naval Supply Systems Command and 47th Chief of Supply Corps, awarded Supply Corps officers with the Naval Expeditionary Supply Corps Officer (NESCO) device June 9,2014 at Naval Supply Systems Command, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.
Taipei, May 4, 2012 (CENS) -- Interest rates at the syndicated-loan market have shown sign of upturn, as Yuen Foong Yu Paper and Formosa Plastics have agreed to increase the markup on the interests of their syndicated loans.
Chow hired no less an action choreographer than ``The Matrix'' and ``Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon's'' Yuen Wo Ping.
Sara Yuen, Eurovision Broadcasting Union song contest co-ordinator and head of live events, said she had received "a flurry of emails and telephone calls" over the last few days claiming that We've Got The World was very similar to the Danish song Fly On The Wings Of Love.
Such is the ease with "So Close," the latest movie from Hong Kong director and action choreographer Cory Yuen, who easts a trio of hot young actresses in kung fu fighting roles in a modern, urban setting.
Speaking on, "What Investments Make Sense in the Current Financial Climate," Convergys' Sidney Yuen discussed ways companies can build barriers to attrition and protect their revenue bases from shrinking by improving their service experiences.
Against the background of "one country, two systems", Hong Kong has a role to play in the Belt and Road Initiative and the process of internationalisation of legal services, the Secretary for Justice, Mr Rimsky Yuen, SC, said today (November 18).
Yuen served as Commander, NAVSUP Global Logistics Support (GLS), headquartered in San Diego.
Yuen Foong Yu believes its sales in the fourth quarter will be better than the preceding one due to the coming holiday shopping season.
Along with many other sublime talents, Hong Kong filmmaker Cory Yuen displays that special kind of style.