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A lightweight informal kimono, usually made of cotton.

[Japanese, short for yukatabira : yu, hot water (since it is worn before and after bathing) + katabira, cloth for a hanging screen, lightweight kimono (originally, one side of a lined kimono) (from kata, side, direction + hira, leaf, sheet).]


(Clothing & Fashion) a light, cotton Japanese kimono worn during the summer or after a bath
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10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- A campaign to reward people donning yukata, traditional Japanese summer clothing, at various summer events and major commercial facilities is underway in Yokohama through Aug.
Visitors to Kinosaki are expected to wear yukata - lightweight kimonos - and traditional wooden clogs called geta both in their accommodation and when strolling around the town.
He bent to spike his hoe into the dirt, dragging it along its furrow, his yukata sleeve tied back with hemp rope.
Just before sipping, Budoor introduced me to her Yukata Experience where she dressed me up in a kimono to fully enjoy the moment.
Erdossy, an actor from Arlington performing with the Blue Man Group, was waiting with his 2-year-old son Leo, both wearing traditional Japanese geta (sandals with a wooden base) and yukata (or kimono), for his wife Seiko Kitagawa to perform a traditional Japanese dance.
Dressed in a yukata, or light summer kimono, he has small squinty eyes, wire-framed glasses, and hair shorn close to his head.
The festival includes origami making, yukata (a casual summer kimono) wearing, child's Japanese games, art of calligraphy, bonsai art, and many other activities.
A quiet evening spent leisurely wearing a comfortable yukata gown and listening to the mysterious gurgling of a nearby stream evokes beautiful memories of the day.
The team comprises Doug Whyte, an 11-time champion in Hong Kong, 18 times Japanese champion Yukata Take and Sydney champion jockey Hugh Bowman, who led the Row to victory in 2007.
In contrast, Takamure is wearing a yukata, traditional Japanese summer wear.
A silk kimono and obi set retails at around US$4,550, while a cotton yukata (a casual summer kimono style) goes for between US$683 and US$1,138.
I have just slipped out of my room in a yukata, a Japanese dressing gown, hoping to meet no one.