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n. pl. Yurok or Yu·roks
1. A member of a Native American people inhabiting northwest California along the Pacific coast and lower Klamath River.
2. The language of this people, distantly related to Algonquian.

[Karok yúruk, downstream.]

Yu′rok adj.
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These water and waste awards include the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians in Minnesota and five projects in California, including Big Sandy Rancheria, two awards to the Cortina Band of Wintun Indians, the Grindstone Indian Rancheria and the Yurok Tribe.
They are an extreme version of Native American poverty," said George, a member of Northern California's Yurok tribe.
You can have enough toxin in a shellfish that it's a health concern," Otten said, adding that the Yurok and Karuk tribes harvest the mussels downriver.
OTCQB: TBTC), a developer and provider of casino information and management systems that automate and monitor the operations of casinos, today announced the completion of a new systems contract to provide its CasinoTrac casino management system for the Yurok Tribe's new Redwood Hotel Casino located in the heart of the Redwood National and State Parks in Klamath, California.
Humboldt State is failing in its attempt to become 'exemplary partners' with tribal nations," says Yurok Tribe Chairman Thomas O'Rourke in a news release.
It was too deep for him at Wetherby on his last run when he was third behind Yurok, and two miles four and a half was probably a bit far for him.
403) The Klamath Tribes include the Klamath, Modocs, and Yahooskin peoples of the upper basin, as well as the Kamk and Yurok tribes of the lower basin.
Platt's journey around the world sought to answer how a place of beauty could also be associated with a horrible past, and GRAVE MATTERS centers around the Yurok people and the movement to repatriate remains and reclaim ancient rights.
Hopkins Creek, and Klamath River, which the local Yurok, Karuk, and Hoopa tribes use fur sustenance fishing.
45 1 BATTLE GROUP T Scudamore (5-1) 2 Yurok (IRE) Brian Harding (8-11 Fav) 3 Hawaii Klass K Renwick (66-1).
That form looks pretty decent and this looks a good opportunity for Yurok to get back on the winning trail after a good run when second behind Trustan Times at Wetherby last time out.
Among their topics are Yurok and Karuk traditional ecological knowledge insights into Pacific Lamprey population of the Lower Klamath Basin, passage considerations for anadromous lampreys, diel feeding by larval Northern Brook Lampreys in two northern Michigan streams, approaches for monitoring Pacific Lamprey spawning populations in a coastal Oregon stream, the status and conservation of lampreys in California, and critical uncertainties and research needs for restoring and conserving native lampreys in North America.