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Noun1.Zaar - a Chadic language spoken in northern Nigeria
West Chadic - a group of Chadic languages spoken in northern Nigeria; Hausa in the most important member
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Speaking on the occasion, Ms Zaar Aslam appreciated the cooperation of Motorway police.
Speaking about the project, ZAAR manager Matthew Caruana said he was delighted that ZAAR had been the chosen platform for such an innovative start-up.
Three are controlled by Zaar Christians in Tafawa Balewa town, while seventeen wards--mainly in the villages--are controlled by Muslims (Hausa, Jarawa and Fulani).
A pesar de que esas companias efectuaron propagandas en todo Brasil, e inclusive en el exterior, para divulgar la fertilidad del suelo y el bajo precio de las tierras, el publico-objetivo de la campana eran los productores agricolas familiares de Rio Grande do Sul (Sprandel, 1992; Zaar, 2001).
Estes dados foram fundamentais no trabalho, pois, conforme explica a perita odontolegista do departamento gaucho e consultora em Odontologia Legal da Associacao Brasileira de Odontologia (ABO), Susete Zaar Andersen, nas situacoes em que os corpos sao carbonizados, se os dados digitais forem perdidos, os dentes podem fornecer caracteristicas importantes.
It is being published through a licensing agreement with Hearst Magazines Inter- national, with whom ITP al- ready publishes Harper's Ba- zaar and Esquire.
For example, these events can be listed in the following; folk-games, marriage ceremonies, wakes, alarmed-troops, zaar, fencing, coffee and tea meetings, card-games, and drinking circles.
Table 1: Language sample Kabyle Berber (Afro-Asiatic) Tachelhit Berber (Afro-Asiatic) Tamahak Berber (Afro-Asiatic) Afar Cushitic (Afro-Asiatic) Jola Atlantic (Niger-Congo) Balante Atlantic (Niger-Congo) Gbaya Ubangi (Niger-Congo) Cerma Gur (Niger-Congo) Tigemaxo Mande (Niger-Congo) Chamba Daka Bueno-Congo (Niger-Congo) Yulu Central Sudanic (Nilo-Saharan) French Italic (Indo-European) Tigre Semitic (Afro-Asiatic) Zaar Chadic (Afro-Asiatic) Hausa Chadic (Afro-Asiatic) Kisi Bantu (Niger-Congo) Bijogo Atlantic (Niger-Congo) Wolof Atlantic (Niger-Congo) Zulu Bantu (Niger-Congo) Nateni Gur (Niger-Congo) Bambara Mande (Niger-Congo) Kanuri Saharan (Nilo-Saharan) Palenquero Creole (Spanish based) English Germanic (Indo-Europ.
Two songs on Mehr have their roots in zaar, a complex musical rite with origins in Ethiopia and Somalia that is still practiced today in southeastern Iran.
Sickness and the Spirits: a study of the Zaar spirit possession cult in the Northern Sudan.