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n.1.(Arch.) See Zocco.
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Nose is wood with a little Brett," said guest taster and homebrew shop owner Paul Zacco.
Others named were Matthew Fitton, 10 votes; Sean Collins, 9; Francis Carbonneau, Nancie Zacco, Mark Dowgiewicz and Todd Zuidema, each with 8 votes; and Ann O'Connell, Lisa Fitton and Deborah Keefe, each with 7 votes.
CPA Global today announced the acquisition of Ipendo, a leading international intellectual property (IP) management software and service provider with a strong position in the Nordic region, from Zacco Group.
In conjunction with the acquisition, CPA Global, the world's top IP management specialist, and Zacco Group, the largest IP consultancy in Europe, announced that they will enter into a strategic alliance, whereby CPA Global will support Zacco Group with their patent renewals, while Zacco Group will offer to clients a wide range of IP management products and services from CPA Global.
Effect of dietary supplementation of pigment sources on pigmentation of the round tailed paradise fish Macropodus chinensis and pale chub Zacco platypus.
An excellent place to match fine wine with fine food is Quai Zacco, a new riverside restaurant set in a converted warehouse by Michelin-starred chef Denis Franc (80 quais des Chartrons 00 557 87 67 72).
ZACCO & ASSOCIATES REPORTING SERVICES, 605 East Robinson Street, Suite 430, Orlando 32801, Toll-Free (800)940-5522, FAX (800)940-9275, e-mail: zacco@majicnet.
Effects of dietary protein concentration on growth and muscle composition of juvenile Zacco barbata.
A New Powder Filler, Obtained by Applying a New Technology for Fly Ash Inertisation Procedure Elza Bontempi, Annalisa Zacco, Laura Borgese, Alessandra Gianoncelli, Rosario Ardesi, Laura E.
ZACCOs factories are located in Dammam, Saudi Arabia and Italy.