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former name (1930–91) of Sergiyev Posad.
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On one occasion during a mid-1980s visit to a monastery in Zagorsk, Howe was about to follow Thatcher into the church.
Open Competition: Open tender for the right to enter into an Agreement for cleaning the premises of Zagorsk Optical and Mechanical Plant
It quickly became apparent that Zagorsk might be overrun by the advancing Wehrmacht, so a decision was made to move the arsenal.
The oldest nesting dolls on display, showing peasant families dressed in traditional clothing, were made in the town of Sergiev Posad, a toy-making center which was renamed Zagorsk in the Soviet era.
We drove out to Zagorsk, about 40 kilometres outside Moscow.
The company's key competitors are OGK-1 with its Kashira GRES-4, OGK-4 with the Shatura GRES-5, and RusHydro, operating the Zagorsk HAPP.
It is manufactured by the Zagorsk Optical Mechanical Plant and is offered for installation on business jets.
LEADING PAINT INDUSTRY PLAYERS OTHER EASTERN EUROPEAN COUNTRIES COUNTRY COMPANIES BULGARIA Megachim, Lakprom, Orgachim (Policolor, Romania), INSA, Karbochim CROATIA Chromos (Helios, Slovakia), Hempel, Svetlost, Karbon ROMANIA Kober, Policolor, Dufa Romania (Meffert, Germany), Azur Sinteza RUSSIA Finncolor (Tikkurila), Kraski Tikkurila (Tikkurila), Akzo Nobel Coatings, Lakokraska, Empils, Russkie Kraski, Cherkessk Paint Plant, Zagorsk Paint Plant, Pigment, Odilak, Kotovsk SERBIA- MONTENEGRO Duda, Zvezda (Helios, Slovenia), Suko, Sorka Boje UKRAINE Dnepropetrovsk Paint Plant Lomonosov, Lakma, Elaks, Gallak, Polimer, Sniezka Ukraina (Sniezka, Poland), Meffert Hansa (Meffert, Germany) Source: author's compilation TABLE 5.
There is a wonderful collection of icons in Zagorsk in Russia, for example.