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(Placename) a transliteration of the Modern Greek name for Zante


(ˈzɑn ti, -teɪ, ˈzæn-)

1. a Greek island, off the W coast of Greece: southernmost of the Ionian Islands. 30,156; 157 sq. mi. (407 sq. km).
2. the capital of this island. 9764. Greek, Zákinthos.
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Inside cabin from pounds 865pp & Outside from pounds 1134pp Inside cabin from pounds 865pp & Outside from pounds 1134pp Eastern Mediterranean Departing 6th April 2010 for 23 nights Visiting: Liverpool - Cadiz, Spain - Malaga, Spain - Catania, Sicily, Italy - Zakinthos (Zante), Greece - Piraeus (Athens), Greece - Mykonos, Greece - Volos, Greece - Izmir, Turkey - Thira, Santorini, Greece - Valletta, Malta - Eivissa, Ibiza, Spain - Lisbon, Portugal - Liverpool.
Sailing from Southampton, the trip takes in Almeria, Dubrovnik, Venice, Split, Zakinthos, Gibraltar and Southampton.
Students handed out the warnings on Crete, Corfu, Rhodes, Kos and Zakinthos.
Clive Ramsey, 24, who lives in Lancing, Sussex, was on holiday in the resort of Zakinthos when he was attacked close to the Admiral Hotel last Friday night, leaving him in hospital with serious head injuries.
27 with stops in Lisbon, Sardinia, Naples/Capri, Messina, Dubrovnik, Zakinthos, Athens, Gibraltar and Vigo.
From buzzy Corfu and Zakinthos to quieter islands like Ithaki and Paxos, the Ionian Sea is a big crowd-pleaser.
So although she had a secure job back home she handed in her notice and went out to become a holiday rep on the Greek island of Zakinthos.
Mr Bicknell, of Stratford-upon-Avon, died on May 10 this year, just hours after arriving on the island of Zakinthos, Greece, for a break with his second wife, Vickie.
Andrew Symeou, from Enfield, north London, is accused of punching Jonathan Hiles off a platform in a nightclub on the island of Zakinthos in July 2007.
Greek prosecutors were set to outline the case against Londoner Andrew Symeou, who is accused of punching Jonny Hiles off a platform in a Zakinthos nightclub.
Flying from Glasgow on July 10, seven nights in Zakinthos from pounds 293pp, staying at the three-star, self-catering Ioannis & Danny's in Alikanas.
30, with stops in Naples/Capri, Santorini, Izmir, Istanbul (overnight), Samos, Athens, Zakinthos, Dubrovnik and Venice.

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