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A river, about 2,735 km (1,700 mi) long, of central and southern Africa rising in northwest Zambia and flowing south and east to the Mozambique Channel.


(zæmˈbiːzɪ) or


(Placename) a river in S central and E Africa, rising in NW Zambia and flowing across E Angola back into Zambia, continuing south to the Caprivi Strip of Namibia, then east forming the Zambia–Zimbabwe border, and finally crossing Mozambique to the Indian Ocean: the fourth longest river in Africa. Length: 2740 km (1700 miles)


(zæmˈbi zi)

a river in S Africa, flowing S and E from NW Zambia into the Mozambique Channel of the Indian Ocean. 1650 mi. (2657 km) long.
Zam•be′zi•an, adj.
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Noun1.Zambezi - an African riverZambezi - an African river; flows into the Indian Ocean
Angola, Republic of Angola - a republic in southwestern Africa on the Atlantic Ocean; achieved independence from Portugal in 1975 and was the scene of civil war until 1990
Mocambique, Mozambique, Republic of Mozambique - a republic on the southeastern coast of Africa on the Mozambique Channel; became independent from Portugal in 1975
Northern Rhodesia, Republic of Zambia, Zambia - a republic in central Africa; formerly controlled by Great Britain and called Northern Rhodesia until it gained independence within the commonwealth in 1964
Republic of Zimbabwe, Rhodesia, Southern Rhodesia, Zimbabwe - a landlocked republic in south central Africa formerly called Rhodesia; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1980
Victoria Falls, Victoria - a waterfall in the Zambezi River on the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia; diminishes seasonally
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Harry, 32, and Suits actress Meghan, 36, finished their three-week break in Africa at the exclusive site, which costs PS1,200 a night, on the banks of the Zambesi river in Zambia With views over the Zambesi and a floating restaurant, it is easy to see why Prince Harry thought Tongabezi Lodge a fine proposal as he holidayed with Meghan.
1960: The Kariba Dam on the Zambesi River was opened by the Queen Mother.
The bridge has a span of 156m across a 120m deep gorge where the Zambesi River marks the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe.
While big cat attacks in Zimbabwe are fairly rare, another took place near the Zambesi River in 2010, when a man was killed by a pride of lions while he was bathing.
A THRILL-SEEKING tourist who plunged into the crocodile-infested Zambesi River after her bungee jump cord snapped has told of her miraculous survival.
It reminded me of the Kazungula Ferry crossing on the Zambesi River between Botswana and Zambia, where drivers can wait a week or more for the short, 400m crossing.
It is the largest project of its sort ever to be implemented in Ethiopia and will be Africa's tallest and second largest hydroelectric dam after the Kariba dam on the Zambesi River between Zambia and Zimbabwe.