Zambian kwacha

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Noun1.Zambian kwacha - the basic unit of money in ZambiaZambian kwacha - the basic unit of money in Zambia  
Zambian monetary unit - monetary unit in Zambia
ngwee - 100 ngwee equal 1 kwacha in Zambia
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How about the Zambian kwacha or the Vietnamese dong?
However, production is hitting a wall given the increasing costs of inputs and the appreciation of the Zambian Kwacha by 30% which is eroding the crop's profitability," said Abrunhosa.
The facility will consist of a US $15 million facility and a Zambian Kwacha 12.
So far, IFC has issued bonds in 17 local emerging market currencies such as Armenian Dram, Chinese Renminbi, Indian Rupee, Peruvian Soles and Zambian Kwacha.
The Zambian kwacha has been one of the worst performing African currencies in 2014, depreciating 13% against the dollar by the end of March.
It is expected that Chinese businesses operating in Zambia will start using the currency amongst themselves to reduce the amount of commission paid when changing from the Zambian kwacha via the US dollar.
Second quarter results were impacted by capital projects underway at the Mufulira Division of Mopani Copper Mines Plc, reduced smelting capabilities at the Nkana Smelter, owned by SmelterCo, weaker cobalt prices and foreign exchange losses associated with the temporary strengthening of the Zambian Kwacha versus the United States Dollar, particularly during the month of April.

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