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A city of east-central Ohio east of Columbus on the Muskingum River. An early state capital (1810-1812), the city grew as a center of pottery manufacturing.
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More than 400 businesses across the country including small businesses in Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, Dayton, and Zanesville have announced increased investments in plants and equipment, pay increases, bonuses, additional retirement help or new benefits specifically because of this tax bill.
Bailey, 55, of Okeechobee, FL (formerly of Zanesville, OH) passed away on Feb.
One is from my home town, Zanesville, Ohio, that I heard about on the radio.
NASDAQ: WEN) TODAY have completed a stock transaction under which East Balt has acquired Wendy's Zanesville, Ohio bakery business, The New Bakery Co.
They are now partners of Stratos and will work out of their office in Zanesville, Ohio.
The Muskingum County Center for Seniors in Zanesville, Ohio, celebrated a successful fundraising event entitled SOUPer Bowl on October 19.
It was, one official said, 'like Noah's ark wrecking right here in Zanesville, Ohio.
About 4,500 fans gathered in Grand Rapids to watch one of the first illuminated professional baseball games, played between teams from Grand Rapids and Zanesville, Ohio.
Officers killed 50 exotic animals released by their owner in Zanesville, Ohio, in October 2011.
What a sad event Mas outlined in his Ayoob Files ("The Zanesville Wild Animal Escape," Ayoob Files, May/ June 2012).
The company employs about 6,200 men and women in Middletown, Mansfield, Coshocton and Zanesville, Ohio; Butler, Pennsylvania; Ashland, Kentucky; Rockport, Indiana; and its corporate headquarters in West Chester, Ohio.
The Cambridge Classic Cruise-in, which was named a Top 10 Downtown Car Show by “Cruisin' Times” magazine, will take place August 18, 2012, in Cambridge, OH near Zanesville.