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(Placename) a variant of Zagazig


(ˌzɑ gəˈzig, ˌzæg ə-)

also Zaqaziq

a city in NE Egypt, on the Nile delta. 274,000.
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On March 2, 2016, a Cairo Criminal Court, presided over by Judge Hassan Farid, handed a one-year prison sentence to Morsi's nephew, Mohamed Said Morsi, for insulting the judiciary when he told the judge "I will judge you and imprison you" during a different trial, where he faced charges of belonging to a "terrorist group" and "storming and vandalizing" Zaqaziq University in 2013.
Osama Mursi, a lawyer, was arrested last December in his Delta hometown of Zaqaziq for inciting violence in a case related to an unlawful sit-in staged by his father's backers in Cairo in 2013.
Thesis, Department of Agricultural Economics, Faculty of Agriculture, Zaqaziq University.
The new AAIB branches include the branches of Messaha Square in Dokki, the Nile corniche at Giza, Nasr Road in Maadi, Sudan Street in Mohandessin, Korba in Heliopolis, the Sphinx in Haram, Avenue Mall in Obour City, Fairmont in Downtown, Suez, as well as branches of Kafr El-Sheikh, Damanhour, Benha, Zaqaziq and Port Said.
The screenshot shown in Figure 1 contains the time line of the Doctors' Higher Strike Committee Facebook page with rates of participation in the strike (1 00% of junior doctors in Benha Teaching Hospital on strike, 100% on strike in Saray al-Qubba, Cairo) and a picture of a strike banner in Zaqaziq Hospital.
In the Nile Delta city of Zaqaziq, five people were wounded when pro-Morsi protesters clashed with civilian opponents, the official MENA news agency reported.
A Zaqaziq, trois marches ont regroupe des milliers de citoyens depuis la mosquee d'Al Qods, la Grande Mosquee et la mosquee Al Fath.
A security official said seven university students affiliated with the Brotherhood were arrested this week after they allegedly scuffled with security guards in Al-Azhar University's branch in the Nile Deltacity of Zaqaziq.
On the 9th of June, we traveled to Zaqaziq in a car, which transferred several families along with us.
AHMED ZAKI ACTOR BORN ZAQAZIQ, Egypt 18 November 1949, died Cairo 27 March 2005.
Between 1990 and 1993, the group gained majorities in the governing councils of university faculty clubs in Zaqaziq, Assiut and Cairo, which provided it important resources and opportunities for expressing its views to the academic community.
He is a recent graduate of Zaqaziq University's Faculty of Commerce, where he achieved above-average grades.