n.1.(Zool.) The blind mole rat (Spalax typhlus), native of Eastern Europe and Asia. Its eyes and ears are rudimentary, and its fur is soft and brownish, more or less tinged with gray. It constructs extensive burrows.
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Heureusement que nous entretenons de bonnes relations avec eux et nous sommes parvenus a avoir ces championnats mediterraneens des jeunes a Tunis au mois de decembre, au lieu de septembre [beaucoup plus grand que], a indique le president de la Federation tunisienne, Faycal Zemni.
Professor Sami Zemni, director of the Middle East and North Africa Research Group at the Belgian University of Ghent, gave a keynote speech titled "Business and economic development during revolutionary times" and argued that the poor state of economies in some Arab countries was the main reason behind the uprisings.
Speaking to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) on the sidelines of the seminar, Zemni said that "for the near future the Gulf region is indeed the most stable region.
In spite of the saturation of Tunisian telecom market, ZTE has managed to find its place in Tunisia," Rayencom's CEO Belhassen Zemni told Xinhua.
Faycal Zemni, Chairman of the Party of Modern Left.