Zeno of Citium

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Ze·no of Cit·i·um

 (zē′nō, sĭt′ē-əm) 335?-263? bc.
Greek philosopher who founded the Stoic school, teaching that virtue is necessarily good and that objects of desire are morally ambiguous.

Zeno of Citium

(ˈziːnəʊ əv ˈsɪtɪəm)
(Biography) ?336–?264 bc, Greek philosopher, who founded the Stoic school in Athens

Ze′no of Ci′ti•um

(ˈsɪʃ i əm)
c340–c265 B.C., Greek philosopher, born in Cyprus.
Also called Ze′no the Sto′ic.
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Noun1.Zeno of Citium - ancient Greek philosopher who founded the Stoic school (circa 335-263 BC)
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Regarded by many as the loftiest and most sublime of philosophies, it flourished for about 500 years from the time of Zeno of Citium (340-265 B.
Zeno of Citium, took the ideas of the Cynics a couple of steps further and founded the philosophy of Stoicism in about 300 BC.
A Cemin bronze of 1988 is called Zeno, presumably in homage to Zeno of Citium, the founder of Stoicism.