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(Biography) 3rd century ad, queen of Palmyra (?267–272), who was captured by the Roman emperor Aurelian


(zəˈnoʊ bi ə)

(Septimia Bathzabbai) died after A.D. 272, queen of Palmyra in Syria A.D. 267–272.
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The Syrian army artillery's shelling killed dozens of terrorists of the al-Qaeda-affiliated Nusra Front in Dara'a al-Balad to the South of Zenobia School to the West of al-Abbasyia Bakery.
A planned e1/45 entrance fee to dive at the Zenobia wreck off Larnaca has become the bone of contention between the port authority, diving companies and the disputed owner of the sunken ship.
The event has seen the statue of Zenobia, Queen of Palmyra, being relocated and placed in al-Umawiyeen Square in Damascus.
By the time Queen Zenobia (Zeinab, in Arabic) ascended the throne after her husband's death in 267, Palmyra was progressively becoming one of the most important and prosperous cultural centers in the ancient world.
He even named his daughter after Zenobia, the queen that ruled from the city some 1,700 years ago.
Enjoying superb sea views, Zenobia is situated on Marine Terrace.
All the members of Pakistan Women team consisting of Zenobia Wasif, Ghazal Begum , Maryam and Nameeqa showed excellent form and took no time in defeating the women from Ghana by winning all the four games.
They culminate with Zenobia, Queen of Palmyra, whose life provides a fitting grand finale to the first three millennia of this ancient civilisation.
Author Cotterman, who has lived and worked in the Middle East, first gives background on Augusta Zenobia (241-275), the legendary warrior queen of Syria, and then profiles British women who were inspired by Zenobia to travel to the Middle East independently, despite societal pressures of gender conformity, from the late-18th through the 20th century.
World War II veteran Ray Woolley marked his special day exploring the wreck of the Zenobia at the bottom of Larnaca Bay.
Investigating the mysterious goings- on surrounding the ocean liner the Queen Zenobia, series heroine Jill Valentine takes centre stage in an adventure that finds a comfortable balance between scares and shootouts.
Four lifestyle and fashion bloggers each created an outfit to best complement the Naya Zenobia sandal in capsicum, and they shared photographs of their styled looks.