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Lyra, Oliveira-Junior, and Zeri (2014) identified spatial and temporal rainfall patterns for the northeastern Brazilian state of Alagoas by cluster analysis and related patterns to the weather systems over the region.
We built in support for all Flash codecs," Kevin Towes, Adobe's Flash Media senior product manager, noted at the release of Project Zeri late last year, "including H.
Likewise, Assistant Line Officer Samarqand Afridi has been transferred to Khyber Check Post Zeri, while Jamaat Khan Afridi has been posted as Assistant Line Officer Bazaar Zakha Khel.
Proceedings of the 2nd International ZERI Training Workshop, April 21-24, 1998; Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, 43-54.
KANDAHAR CITY (PAN): In a ground offensive, NATO-led ISAF forces killed eight insurgents and detained nine others in Zeri district of volatile southern Kandahar province, the birthplace of the Taliban movement, police said Friday.
At a time when communities across the world are struggling to raise funds for development projects, Air Arabia's sustained effort in proactively engaging with local communities is indeed commendable," said Mohamed Hamdan Al Zeri, Board Member of Sharjah Charity International.
Pauli founded ZERI in 1994, following the realization that even his biodegradable products depended on a system of production that was unsustainable.
The Blinding Order," written in 1984, was first published as "Qorrfirmani" in the journal Zeri i Rinise and subsequently published in La Grande muraille, suivi de Le Firman aveugle (1993), translated into French by Jusuf Vrioni.
Diversificacion en el Tropico, instituto Zeri para Latinoamerica, Santafe de Bogota D.
A ZERI pilot project, with the University of Zambia and other partners, is showing how water hyacinths can be composted and used for growing mushrooms.
8) (It may be noted that Federico Zeri, on purely stylistic evidence, dated this group of paintings by Piero di Cosimo between 1505 and 1507).
Fortunately, there were brilliant exceptions: figures such as John Pope-Hennessy, Federico Zeri, and Pierre Rosenberg, to mention only three of the most influential.