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A village of southern Switzerland in the Pennine Alps northeast of the Matterhorn. It is a noted tourist resort.


(Placename) a village and resort in S Switzerland, in Valais canton at the foot of the Matterhorn: cars are not allowed in the area. Pop: 5988 (2000)



a village in S Switzerland, near the Matterhorn: resort. 3101.
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Besides, my adventurous spirit had conceived a formidable enterprise--nothing less than a trip from Interlaken, by the Gemmi and Visp, clear to Zermatt, on foot
Oh, I went to Switzerland,--to Geneva and Zermatt and Zurich and all those places you know; and down to Venice, and all through Germany, and down the Rhine, and into Holland and Belgium--the regular round.
Two | very different resort experiences await at the Monte Rosa ski area, which is shared by the Swiss resort of Zermatt and the Italian resort of Cervinia.
Zermatt - known for its trendy |boutiques and luxury hotels
Add a backdrop of the Matterhorn, one of the world's most iconic mountains (yes, that's right, it's the one on the Toblerone wrapper), and you've got to be in Zermatt, writes Jan Henderson.
Crystal is offering buy one, get one half price (BOGOHP) lift passes saving you up to PS141 in Zermatt, PS105 in Les Arcs and PS103 in St Anton.
Bernard and Forclaz Pass -- and then via Brig to Zermatt.
Midway -- ZERMATT RESORT is now under new management.
Wintenberger has previously worked winter seasons at the ski resort Zermatt and also has experience at the Montreux Palace hotel, Switzerland, La Croix du Sud in Corcica, and most recently, as pastry chef at the Crowne Plaza, Kuwait, where he cooked for royalty.
A break in Switzerland to stay at Klosters, a favoured destination of British royals Will and Kate, will cost close to [euro]500 less than a stay in neighbouring resorts Zermatt or St Moritz.
The resort of Zermatt is close to which famous European mountain?
The report stated the actor and novice snowboarder was at the Zermatt Ski Resort in Zermatt, Switzerland, with friends and family.