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also Ze·thos  (zē′thəs)
n. Greek Mythology
The twin brother of Amphion.
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Next to her I saw Antiope, daughter to Asopus, who could boast of having slept in the arms of even Jove himself, and who bore him two sons Amphion and Zethus.
Zethus is a sorcerer and self-described spiritual thug for hire.
2 Vespidae Agelaia multipicta 6 2 1 5 Brachygastra lechegiiana 1 Polybia ignobilis 1 Polybia sericea 2 Polybia scuttellaris 6 Zethus sp.
Zethus (Zethoides) willinki Bohart & Stange 1965 (Hymenoptera: Vespidae)
The original, discovered in the Baths of Caracalla in 1546, illustrates the story of Zethus and Amphion, the twin builders of Thebes, who tied their stepmother Dirce to the horns of a wild bull to punish her for tormenting their mother Antiope.
Max Lifchitz has given a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Zethus Fund for Contemporary Music.
The infants were exposed, but a neatherd found and reared them, and he called the one Zethus and the other Amphion.
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But now, after months of valiant struggling in an uncertain market, Zethus Inc.
Odysseus hears of other founders of cities, Amphion and Zethus, the founders of Thebes by one legend.
Notable among these children were Dionysus, son of Cadmus ' daughter Semele; Heracles, son of Alcmena; Perseus, son of Danae ; Amphion and Zethus, sons of Antiope; Helen, Clytemnestra, and the Dioscuri (or some combination of them), children of Leda.