Zhao Kuangyin

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Zhao Kuang·yin

or Chao K'uang-yin  (jou′ kwäng′yĭn′) 927-976.
Emperor of China (960-976) who founded the Song dynasty and unified much of China.
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After the fall of the Tang, various warlords competed for supremacy until a former Tang commander, Zhao Kuangyin, restored imperial unity as the Emperor Taizu (r.
He makes a convincing case that the second story, about a poor young student who has been cast out by his parents-in-law but makes every effort to be reunited with his wife once he has become rich, effectively deflates the image, in the preceding story, of Zhao Kuangyin, the future founder of the Song dynasty, who insists on rescuing a maiden but then refuses to marry her, whereupon she commits suicide.