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also Cheng·chow  (jŭng′jō′)
A city of north-central China south-southwest of Beijing. It is the capital of Henan province.


(ˈdʒʌŋˈdʒəʊ) ,




(Placename) a city in E central China, capital of Henan province; an administrative centre. Pop: 2 250 000 (2005 est)



also Chengchow

the capital of Henan province, in E China. 1,710,000.
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EST - According to Chinese news agency Xinhua, the office building that went up in flames in Zhengzhou, China, was called Yuansheng International, which is owned by the Greenland Group, a well-known company in the central Henan province, where Zhengzhou is located.
BEIJING -- A media delegation from Punjab Province visited Zhengzhou Radio for international media exchange.
Contract Awarded for Zhengzhou factory as23 stamping homemade mold with a new roof (small skylight) project
Reports from Chinese media outlets ITHome and Xinhua state that 46,500 units of the iPhone X have shipped from Zhengzhou Xinzheng Integrated Bonded Zone in China, as per information obtained from Zhengzhou customs.
Summary: World champions to target second round of today's Zhengzhou Grand Prix
com)-- comsuisse AG has successfully completed the movement, configuration and supported the customer passing Site Acceptance Test for Zhengzhou Air Traffic Control Centre as well as Tower VCCS of type ICS 200/60.
The MoU outlines how the parties will incorporate a joint venture to be known as AirAsia (China) for the purposes of operating a low-cost aviation business based in Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan province in central China.
China-based automotive components and coal mining machinery producer Zhengzhou Coal Mining Machinery Group (SSE: 601717) (HKEX:00564) has partnered with Hong Kong-based private equity firm China Renaissance Capital Investment (CRCI) to acquire the starter and generator (SG) business SG Holding of Germany based engineering and electronics company Robert Bosch GmbH, the companies said.
Passengers travelling from Birmingham Airport to Dubai can now fly to Yinchuan and Zhengzhou as well as Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.
With its strategic location in Europe and its membership of the EU Bulgaria can become a doorway to Europe for Zhengzhou Yutong Bus, the companyas International Business Department Deputy Director, Kent Chang, has told Dnevnik.
Summary: Airline adds Yinchuan and Zhengzhou to its global network
HONG KONG, Dec 29, 2015 - (ACN Newswire) - Asiaray Media Group Limited ("Asiaray" or the "Group"; stock code: 1993), a leading out-of-home media company with a strategic focus on airport and metro line advertising, announced that Henan Airport Asiaray Company Limited, an indirect subsidiary of the Group which is owned as to 51% by Shenzhen Asiaray Advertising Company Limited and 49% by Henan Airport Group Company Limited, has secured the exclusive concession right to use and operate advertising and media resources in Zhengzhou Airport Terminal 2 and the General Transportation Center for a term of seven years with a three-year conditional renewal option.