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(Russian ʒiˈtɔmir)
(Placename) a city in central Ukraine; centre of an agricultural region. Pop: 282 000 (2005 est)


(ʒɪˈtoʊ mɪər)

a city in central Ukraine, W of Kiev. 296,000.
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But later, expert Jews typically got their education either at the Vilna or Zhitomir rabbinical seminaries or at Russian or foreign universities.
Moshko Blank, an elderly Jew from Zhitomir who waited until his wife died to convert to Orthodoxy in 1844, blamed Jewish women in general as the obstacles to mass Jewish conversion to Orthodox Christianity.
The piece went on to relate: "The trial of 127 officials of the Ukrainian Lumber Trust and private lumber dealers charged with economic counter-revolution against the Soviet will open Saturday at Zhitomir, in the Ukrainia.
Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko speaks to soldiers during a ceremony for the delivery of more than 100 |pieces military equipment to the Ukrainian armed forces, near Zhitomir, yesterday (AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky)
economy imploded and my own financial resources deflated, I saw no other choice but to sell my Zhitomir Shas in order to put a badly needed new roof on my house.
The "Ohr Avner" Foundation supports schools in various regions of the former USSR, from Zhitomir and Odessa to Nizhny Novgorod and Riga (the latter one is called "Ohr Menachem", was opened in 1995 and is supervised by the rabbi Mordechai Glazman and his wife Rivka, both envoys of the Chabad movement).
VLADIMIR YAKOBTCHUK * Born in Zhitomir in the former Soviet Union, Yakobtchuk studied at the Ilya Repin St.
The title character of the "Rabbi" story in Babel's Red Cavalry cycle is the crooked and ancient Hasidic Rabbi of Zhitomir.
Part 1 traces Richter's parentage, his formative years in Zhitomir, his move to Odessa as a teenager, and his training under Heinrich Neuhaus at the Moscow Conservatory.
The samples cited by Greenpeace were taken in Rivne and Zhitomir oblasts, which were in the direct path of the radiation cloud.
The Volynian (1) pegmatite area is centered a few kilometers west of the town of Volodarsk-Volynski ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) in the Volodarsk (2)-Volynski (3) district of Zhitomir Oblast (Province), north-central Ukraine, on the Irscha River.