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n.1.(Chem.) See Zinc.
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I zink," he stuttered eagerly, "I zink it is those two clergy-men.
Zink, 39, began his career at ShopKo in 1983 in store management.
At the graduation ceremonies, Major Zink emphasized how the DISAM course fit into the Estonian goal of promoting professionalism among its defense employees, and he expressed the hope that the training would be valuable as Estonian-American relations increase with Estonia's accession to North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
West Virginian John Zink thought he had the answer-- and it even worked a couple of times.
In this case, Zink successfully blasted one end of a line serving nearby Mount Hope, severing it with one shot -- and then his luck ran out.
In the short run, Duke-Weeks will be about 54 percent industrial, 40 percent office, and about 6 percent in retail," Zink says.
Zink said the time period is actually from the notification that the company is going to come into the building.
Anheuser-Busch is spending about $20 million nationally on the campaign, but Zink said he didn't know how much of that would be spent in Georgia.
Instantly print and share more treasured photos with loved ones with the HP ZINK Photo Paper promo.
In 2012, Albert Zink of the European Academy of Bozen/Bolzano in Italy and colleagues reported that the Iceman was lactose intolerant, had brown hair and eyes and was infected with the bacterium that causes Lyme disease (SN: 3/24/12, p.
The divers are guys like Fred Zink, who plunge into things, while most of us dabble around, avoiding risk and sacrifice.
US material-based solutions provider Material Sciences Corp (NASDAQ:MASC), or MSC, announced the completion of its acquisition by Zink Acquisition Holdings Inc, an affiliate of steel metal service centres operator New Star Metals Inc, part of buyout firm Insight Equity Holdings LLC, for USD12.