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(zɪˈpɔr ə, -ˈpoʊr ə, ˈzɪp ər ə)

the wife of Moses. Ex. 2:21.
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Zipora Yablonka-Reuveni, PhD (Professor, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington) has been studying muscle stem cells.
Zipora Senderovich and David Senderovich, a married couple coming from the eastern part of Carpatho-Russia, were part of a group of ex-Carpathians whom I met and interviewed jointly (see Rosen, There Once was 75-87).
The last wedding I attend in Cyprus is between two more Israelis--Shmuel Livar, a Cohen, and Zipora Ozana.
Additionally, the Company has entered into a license agreement with Grupo Zipora to manufacture and distribute Danskin in Mexico.
Guy Carrin, Chris James, Michael Adelhardt, Ole Doetinchem, Peter Eriki, Mohammed Hassan, Henri van den Hombergh, Joses Kirigia, Burkard Koemm, Rolf Korte, Rudiger Krech, Cristopher Lankers, Jan van Lente, Tom Maina, Katherine Malonza, Inke Mathauer, Tom Mboya Okeyo, Stephen Muchiri, Zipora Mumani, Benjamin Nganda, James Nyikal, Joyce Onsongo, Chris Rakuom, Bernd Schramm, Xenia Scheil-Adlung, Friedeger Stierle, Dan Whitaker, Manfred Zipperer
Recent research gives support for its effectiveness (Baber, 1992; Herbert & Kent; Holman, 1996; Jones, 2000; Zipora, 2000).
Other 2003 Rockland graduates transferred to Columbia University, Cornell University, Wesleyan University and Brown University, according to Rockland spokeswoman Zipora Reitman.
Although it's rare for defendants to be removed from courtrooms, the commotion did not seem to surprise any of the approximately 20 people watching the hearing, including his wife Zipora and about a dozen Hirschfeld supporters.