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(Placename) the Biblical name for Tanis


(ˈteɪ nɪs)

an ancient city in Lower Egypt, in the Nile delta. Biblical, Zoan.
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Zoan Grujic of Bosnia's Mine Action Centre, says Prince Harry's pledge won't be possible in Bosnia at the current rate of success.
Slovenia is carefully following and encouraging Macedonia's policy of promoting good neighborly relations as one of the conditions for joining NATO and the EU and remains a strong supporter in these processes, said Slovenian President Borut Pahor after meeting Macedonian Prime Minister Zoan Zaev Tuesday.
The midrashic commentary on these verses is quoted in its entirety by Rashi, including an elaborate discussion of an editorial phrase in the Book of Numbers, after the statement that the scouts visited Hebron: Now Hebron was founded seven years before Zoan of Egypt (Num.
So, 'the princes of Zoan are idiots, the wisest of Pharaoh's counselors is a poor counsel,' (432) because they gave him this counsel.