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n.1.(Zool.) A kind of domestic cattle reared in Asia for its flesh and milk. It is supposed to be a hybrid between the zebu and the yak.
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Recent studies on hibiscus tea, what is popularly called zobo, have looked at the possible role of hibiscus in the treatment of high blood pressure and high cholesterol.
In order to keep the algorithm as simple as possible, Robotino platform was used as a differential robot, in spite of being an omnidirectional (Mao, Wiedmann & Chen, 2011; Mbede, Melingui, Zobo, Merzouki & Bouamama, 2012; Melingui, Chettibi, Merzouki & Mbede, 2013).
Plasma HDL- Cholesterol values in the groups that received HSE alone and the ethanol plus zobo group (group IV) indicated the highest mean values and these were statistically significant when compared with the control.
Figure 1: Pie chart representation (in %) of plasma TAG: HDL-Cholesterol ratio of the Control, Zobo, Ethanol and Ethanol+ Zobo treated groups.
Zobo (a type of Himalayan cattle) could not quite triumph over qanat (an irrigation channel), and the contestant was birsled (scorched).
En 1976, la estacion se modernizo con el registro de los datos en cinta magnetica, para pasar al tipo ASRO (Advanced Seismological Research Observatory) denominada ZOBO.
En agosto de 1993, la estacion de ZOBO fue reemplazada por una estacion digital moderna, tipo Global Telemetered Seismic Network (GTSN), instalada en la region de Milluni, en pozos perforados en la roca de la montana del Huayna Potosi, por el USGS y que trabaja hasta el presente.
The first is a shot of a miner's torso, weighed down by the accouterments of subaltern power: A Zobo watch presented by the company in recognition of accident-free work, a first-aid kit, a pipe, a clinometer for underground measurements and a notebook for recording them, pens, rulers and a metal armband with three engraved stars and the lettering "Boss Boy.
The store is scheduled to open on Saturday, October 21st and will be the second store for Zobo.
Instead of exposed rafters and a warehouse feel that many electronics stores have, the Zobo.
He disclosed that about $35 million was earned last year in the export of local drink known as Zobo.
Zobo, a multi-channel retailer and importer of high-quality home theater products, today launched its Selwyn Furniture Collection with a plasma pop-up TV cabinet and matching end table for audio/video components.