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An influential text of the Jewish tradition of kabbalah, written in Aramaic and Hebrew. Although it is popularly attributed to a second-century rabbi, most of it was probably composed in the late 13th century by a Spanish kabbalist drawing upon earlier traditions.

[Hebrew zōhar, brightness, glow, from hizhîr, to shine; see zhr in Semitic roots.]


(Judaism) Judaism a mystical work, consisting of a commentary on parts of the Pentateuch and the Hagiographa, probably composed in the 2nd century ad
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And it is apt to say "get away with," as Zohar was responding to questions raised about his suitability to be Knesset House Committee Chair over similar previous remarks.
There is relatively little money laundering being done today through bitcoin," Zohar said.
According to Radio Pakistan , the Hujjaj would offer Zohar, Asr, Maghrib and Isha prayers at Mina and move to Arafat soon after Fajr prayers on 9th Zilhaj where they would listen to Hajj sermon to be delivered from Masjid-e-Nimra.
The defense minister was responding to a media interview with lawmaker Miki Zohar, of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's right-wing Likud party, in which he rejected the idea of a Palestinian state and advocated for a "one-state solution" in which Palestinians would have Israeli citizenship.
As consideration for MBIA UK's outstanding shares plus USD23m in cash, AGC exchanged all its holdings of notes issued in the Zohar II 2005-1 transaction, which had a total outstanding principal of an estimated USD347m as of 30 September 2016.
Under the agreement, AGC will deliver to MBIA all of the notes issued in the Zohar II 2005-1 transaction that AGC holds, and the seller, MBIA UK (Holdings) Limited, will transfer to AGC all of the outstanding shares of MBIA UK plus $23 million (18 million) in cash.
The Zohar built its theology on the idea that God was feminine as well as masculine.
Huss discusses the many ways in which the sacred Jewish text the Zohar has been received and its fluctuating impact on Jewish culture over its history.
We have worked very hard to make a unique, fun, interactive and playable experience on Apple Watch," says Sarah Zohar, Marketing Manager at Teensy.
LAHORE -- Punjab University in collaboration with religious scholars from all schools of thought, politicians, academicians, senior journalists, traders, government officers, members of civil society and people from various walks of life offered Zohar Prayer at Punjab University Jamia Mosque here on Wednesday with an aim to express unity among all the Muslims.
Pablo Francisco Balagtas, his men took into custody Zohar Katz, 29, after he and his girlfriend Samantha Anne Cang showed up for their flight at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3.
Assigned to the administrative division of the base, friends Zohar (played by Dana Ivgy) and Daffi (Nelly Tagar) muddle through their rather sedentary tours of duty, feeling suffocated by mundane clerical tasks.