Zollinger-Ellison syndrome

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Noun1.Zollinger-Ellison syndrome - syndrome consisting of intractable peptic ulceration with gastric hypersecretion and hyperacidity
syndrome - a pattern of symptoms indicative of some disease

Zol·lin·ger-El·li·son syn·drome

n. síndrome de Zollinger-Ellison, condición manifestada por hipersecreción gástrica, hiperacidez y ulceración péptica del estómago e intestino delgado.
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The Zollinger-Ellison syndrome and mismeasurement of gastrin.
46-48) Subsequently, a variety of peptide hormones were shown by immunohistochemistry in ampullary carcinoids, including gastrin (associated with Zollinger-Ellison syndrome or multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 syndrome), vasoactive intestinal peptide, pancreatic polypeptide, corticotropin (associated with Cushing syndrome), insulin, cholecystokinin, and calcitonin.
Serum gastrin levels and salicylate levels are useful in detecting Zollinger-Ellison syndrome and surreptitious use of aspirin.
Michael Powell has written the book with Dr Oliver Fischer and can offer you anything from, say, angiostrongyliasis (you have to eat snails or let snails and slugs trail over your unwashed lettuce, so I should be OK) to Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome (a rare condition with internal tumours).
Iron absorption in patients with Zollinger-Ellison syndrome treated with long-term gastric acid antisecretory therapy.
Punch said in an interview In trials, Secreflo was found to be 100% accurate, with no false-positive or false-negative results, in the diagnosis of gastrinomas and Zollinger-Ellison syndrome.
Gibril and her associates reviewed the experience of 143 patients who have undergone continuous treatment with omeprazole for sporadic Zollinger-Ellison syndrome while they were patients at the National Institutes of Health.
The ulcers caused by Zollinger-Ellison syndrome are more painful and less responsive to treatment than ordinary peptic ulcers.