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(ˈzoʊ ni ən)

a U.S. citizen living in the Canal Zone.
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Notable, for example, is the way he examines the case of Lester Leon Greaves--a Black Panamanian who was sentenced in 1946 to fifty years in Gamboa penitentiary for raping a young white woman of an established Zonian family--not only through time, but mainly through the lenses of race, gender, and crime in the Borderland.
While Area zonian urbanism has created new problems of poverty, health, and sanitation in mushrooming shantytowns, the shift has also lessened the pressure of advancing swidden agriculture into pristine forest areas.
But it wasn't long before it became clear that our turn of the century Zonian house and Lila were a bad match; not only did she refuse to bend, she refused to climb.
government owns not only the Canal but the entire Zone territory, and every Zonian is a U.
In the 1960s, when Panamanian nationalists entered the zone hoping to fly their flag, they were met and beaten by a crowd of Zonians.
S policy with more information on the Zonians and greater attention to the U.