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Huxley's article on Darwin in Macmillan's Magazine, and more esoteric journals such as the The Zoophilist, the publication of the Society for the Protection of Animals Liable to Vivisection.
She helped found the antivivisection journal The Zoophilist in 1881, and two years later launched a French version of the periodical, LeZoophile, to reach out to the Parisian readership in the hopes of stirring civil unrest from within the nation that had started it all.
The Society for the Protection of Animals from Vivisection published the Zoophilist in 1844, for instance, and the New York Medical Journal's January, 1851 issue opens with an essay titled "The Use and Abuse of the Speculum," in which physician G.
Typical of the zoophilist who favors life's lower orders over humankind, Robinson Jeffers claimed he'd sooner kill a man than a hawk.
If my own mind ran to the bizarre, I might, with as much justification, label the passer a little feathered sexual pervert and Lesbia a conscious or unconscious zoophilist.
Dana, a clinician and a member of the medical faculty at Cornell University, subsequently invented a distinct psychosis with which to flail the zoophilists.