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n. pl. Zulu or Zu·lus
1. A member of a Bantu people of southeast Africa, primarily inhabiting northeast Natal province in South Africa.
2. The Nguni language of this people, closely related to Xhosa.

Zu′lu adj.
References in classic literature ?
Some years since--it was during the winter before the Zulu War--a White Man was travelling through Natal.
Then a Zulu spoke, who hitherto had remained silent.
Yet I will do it, though it is against your law, and you do wrong to ask me,--yes, to show you that there is truth in us Zulu doctors, I will help you.
I say all, my father, except three only--the big black Africander ox, the little red Zulu ox with one horn, and the speckled ox.
Neither has it been possible for the writer of it to render the full force of the Zulu idiom nor to convey a picture of the teller.
Why have you used all this Chinese and Choctaw and Zulu rubbish?
learning' remain in your report; you have as much right, I suppose, to 'adorn your page' with Zulu and Chinese and Choctaw rubbish as others of your sort have to adorn theirs with insolent odds and ends smouched from half a dozen learned tongues whose A-B ABS they don't even know.
Again, if I had given way to my own impulses, I should have wished to go into the differences, some of which are to my mind very suggestive, between the Zulu and Kukuana dialects.
The next day 4,000 Zulus were repelled by 150 British at Rorke's Drift - the subject of the 1964 movie Zulu.
BRECON will see more than a 100 Zulus take to its streets later this month as the town commemorates the fallen heroes and sacrifices of Isandlwana and Rorke's Drift.
He was tasked with pulling all the southern Africa states and colonies under the umbrella of British rule and soon realise dthat could only be achieved by taking on the Zulus.
It was a discourse that intended to define the Zulus as a special category of people that differed from the others, and therefore tended to justify the missionaries' particular way of dealing with them.