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Zu·ni 1

 (zo͞o′nē) also Zu·ñi (-nyē)
n. pl. Zuni or Zu·nis also Zuñi or Zu·ñis
1. A member of a Pueblo people located in western New Mexico.
2. The language of the Zuni, of no known linguistic affiliation.

Zu′ni, Zu′ñi adj.

Zu·ni 2

 (zo͞o′nē) also Zu·ñi (-nyē)
A pueblo of northwest New Mexico west of Albuquerque.


(ˈzuːnjiː; ˈsuː-)
npl -ñis or -ñi
1. (Peoples) a member of a North American Indian people of W New Mexico
2. (Languages) the language of this people, a member of the Penutian phylum of languages
ˈZuñian adj, n


(ˈzu ni)

also Zu•ñi

(ˈzu ni, ˈzun yi)

n., pl. -nis, (esp. collectively) -ni.
1. a member of a Pueblo Indian people of W New Mexico.
2. the language of the Zuni, not closely akin to any other American Indian language.
[1830–35, Amer.; earlier Zuñi < American Spanish < Acoma Keresan (a language spoken by Pueblo Indian peoples of New Mexico) sɨ̂∙ni (pronounced sθɨ̂∙nyi) or a cognate]
Zu′ni•an, adj., n.
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Noun1.Zuni - a member of the Pueblo people living in western New Mexico
Pueblo - a member of any of about two dozen Native American peoples called `Pueblos' by the Spanish because they live in pueblos (villages built of adobe and rock)
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According to Roscoe, among the Zuni today there is very little memory or knowledge of the "third gender" option once available to those not cut out to play traditional male and female roles.
The benefits of combining physical activity with diet education are demonstrated by the Zuni Diabetes Project (8).
The coalition includes the Hopi Tribe, Navajo Nation, Ute Mountain Ute Tribe, Pueblo of Zuni and Ute Indian Tribe, who consider many sites within Bears Ears sacred.
a member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, attended the Zuni Mountain Trails Project signing ceremony.
His topics include a city different than we thought: land grants in early Santa Fe, the Chochiti Pueblo pasture grant and the Ojo del Espiritu Santo Grant, La Cienega and Cieneguilla, Tom[sz]s Velez Cachupin and his land grants, the vision of governor Velez Cachupin, and the return of Zuni Pueblo's sacred lands and artifacts.
The decorations used by pueblo potters at Acoma, Zia, Zuni, Hopi, Santo Domingo, Santa Clara, and San Ildefonso just to name a few of the many Pueblo tribes who hand crafted decorated pottery water jars, are decidedly different and easily attributable by students and collectors alike.
Producers on the trail include Lavistown gourmet sausages, Knockdrinna Farmhouse cheese, Goatsbridge Trout Farm and Kilkenny city restaurants Campagne and Zuni.
Judy Rodgers & Gilbert Pilgram Zuni Cafe, San Francisco
An insert lists the lyrics of this unforgettable album; the tracks are Butterflies are Free (3:59), Po'li (3:16), Sunflowers (4:23), Intertribal (4:43), Butterfly Clouds (4:04), Supai Maiden (3:28), Zuni Rain (3:47), Comanche (3:00), Hopi Sweetheart (2:24), O'Shi' Heart (2:39), Hopi Two-Step (2:24), The Beauty Way (4:49), Moo'sa (3:15), and Prayers (3:18).
Theda and Michael Bassman's ZUNI JEWELRY (0764323579, $12.
These objects, named Zuni war gods by scholars, were created to participate in a distinct cultural framework.
Also, campgrounds aren't as plentiful this year - Streamside and Zuni in Bouquet Canyon and Spunky campground near Green Valley remain closed because of storm damage.