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 (zwôr′ĭ-kĭn, zvôr′yə-), Vladimir Kosma 1889-1982.
Russian-born American engineer and inventor of the iconoscope (1923), the first practical television camera.


(Biography) Vladimir Kosma (ˈvlædɪmɪə ˈkɒsmə). 1889–1982, US physicist and television pioneer, born in Russia. He developed the first practical television camera


(ˈzwɔr ɪ kɪn)

Vladimir Kosma, 1889–1982, U.S. engineer and inventor, born in Russia.
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Noun1.Zworykin - United States physicist who invented the iconoscope (1889-1982)Zworykin - United States physicist who invented the iconoscope (1889-1982)
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1938 - Russian-born American inventor and television pioneer Vladimir Zworykin is granted a patent for his 'television system'.
In a segment going through the alphabet to spell out historic highlights, a row of TV screens appeared next to the letter T and a picture of Russian-American inventor and engineer Vladimir Zworykin.
What major contribution to television did Vladimir Zworykin make?
Halle Berry - see Question 9 Vladimir Zworykin make?
RCA then brought a lawsuit against Farnsworth, claiming that their employee Vladimir Zworykin, had priority over Farnsworth's design even though they had no evidence Zworykin's design had worked.
Vladimir Zworykin, working at Westinghouse, created the cathode ray tube, but company executives were underwhelmed and ordered him to work on other things.
El teletipo (1910) permitio el envio de mensajes escritos a distancia utilizando determinados codigos, y en 1923 el ruso Vladimir Zworykin hace posible el nacimiento de la television que, a partir de 1935 efectua sus primeras emisiones regulares.
Zworykin patenta el iconoscopio: primera camara que puede transmitir imagenes e imprescindible para el desarrollo de la television.
documenting the 1920s competition between Vladimir Zworykin and Philo
From Finnish architect Alvar Aalto to Russian-American inventor of the kinescope Vladimir Zworykin, this ten-volume set, edited by Gorman (Texas State U.
Television pioneers include Nipkow (Germany), Smith and Baird (UK), Tihanyi (Hungary), and Jenkins, Farnsworth, Zworykin and Ives (U.
Farusworth (Jimmi Simpson) and his team, allowing stymied, RCA-funded engineer Vladimir Zworykin (Bruce McKenzie) to make the crucial breakthrough and RCA, after a legal battle, to claim the patent.